Raw Chocolate Buckwheatie Bites (And A Bit Of Movie Making, Too..)

When one of my closest friends said to me this morning “Are you still eating this raw food stuff? Not seen anything on Get Rawcous for ages?”, I decided it was time to make the most of my day off filming and get writing. I must admit, I did have high hopes and grand ideas of doing regular updates of how things are going on set, and getting out some nice pics of all the raw food I’ve been making whilst at work (for those of you who are interested, but then, if you’re reading this I’m guessing you are a little bit..). But after about day three of filming, it was pretty clear I was going to have little time to do anything else other than being Rose Clements (did I really just say that?). I am having the BEST time though, and even though we are working every hour God sends, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!! To finish work after a 12 hour day, and already be looking forward to get back to work the next is something is that makes me happy very much, and I don’t take it for granted. I feel very lucky to be doing what I love, and even though my co-worker and on screen other half Phil Rowson is a complete nightmare to work alongside, I really won’t want this job to finish! (NB: the bottle of champagne you see on the table was in celebration of slate number 200, we don’t just hang out on set getting p****d all day…honest! Plus that one bottle of champagne had to go around 22 people, which meant we basically got an upturned thimble of bubbly, not that I’m complaining… Oh and how glamourous are our locations, huh? Jealous?…)

So have I been able to carry on eating a high amount of raw foods even though we are working crazy hours each day, often until 5 o clock in the morning? Well, yes, I have! It’s not been the easiest thing to do, as the very early starts and late finishes means even more forward thinking than usual, but with a bit of late night prepping and organising, I’ve managed to make it work. All thanks go to my amazing producers however, who have kindly provided me with all the raw ingredients I need, so I don’t have to eat spag bol & garlic bread with everyone else;  thanks Sam & Jan, it’s very much appreciated!!! When you’re working long hours, standing under an ice cold rain machine and being chucked in a freezing cold pit of muddy water at 4am (don’t ask), it’s even more important to keep your immune system boosted and bolstered…And yes, I am drinking a lot of steaming hot tea, peppermint to be precise…


I’ve not been 100% raw, but as you know, I don’t advocate or live this way anyway. I’ve been eating mainly raw with the odd portion of chips and bottle of beer thrown in. If this shocks or disappoints you then maybe this isn’t the raw food blog for you…I’m not a raw food extremist and I like to live in the moment. If something feels right, then I’ll go for it, and if that crisp ice cold bottle of Peroni is calling me along with all my friends, then I’ll go for that too. I hardly ever eat so called ‘bad’ things and I don’t drink often either, but if the time’s right, and I fancy it –  I will. Obviously, a lot of food other than raw food leaves me feeling sluggish and bloated, which is why I avoid it, but I really think the occasional bar of non raw chocolate, or handful of tortilla chips will not have any detrimental effect to my health! But that’s just me. I encourage every one to listen to there own bodies and go with what feels good for you. We are bombarded with nutritional information nowadays and it’s so conflicting and contradictory that it is hard to know who to listen to. Without wanting to sound cheesy, you really should trust in your body’s infinite wisdom. It will tell you what’s ok for it and what’s not. Just got to keep an ear out….

Anyway, I’ll step off me soap box now – here’s a few pics from filming and if you’re lucky, they’ll be a Raw Chocolate Buckwheatie Bites recipe for you waiting at the bottom. These moorish little beauties kept me going through the second week on set, but I ran out of coconut butter so alas and alack, I could make no more…(for now anyway)…enjoy!


My (average) yoga moves make it to the big screen!
The ‘family’ tucking into lunch (got a feeling it wasn’t raw…)
Where the magic happens….
My mini bottle of chocolate-chia-almond milk shake…perfect on set companion.

And finally, heeeerrrreeee’s the recipe!!!

Raw Chocolate Buckwheatie Bites
If you find yourself flagging around 4pm and craving something sweet, these little squares of raw chocolate delight give you a perfect guilt free boost.
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ¾ agave
  • 1¾ cup cacao powder (or Green & Blacks cocoa), sifted
  • ¾ cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 cup dehydrated buckwheat (replace buckwheat with chopped nuts, seeds or goji berries)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  1. In a blender, place the coconut oil, agave, desiccated coconut and vanilla extract and mix well.
  2. In a large bowl, pour the blended coconut mixture and gradually add in the sifted cacao powder. Give it a good stir to make sure no balls of powder remain.
  3. Stir in half a cup of the dehydrated buckwheat or seeds, keeping the other half for topping.
  4. Pour the chocolate mixture into a tupperwear or silicone container and press down until the mixture becomes around ¾ inch thick.
  5. Sprinkle with the remaining buckwheat and gentle press down.
  6. Place in the fridge for 10 mins to firm slightly, then remove and cut into 1inch squares (or whatever shape takes your fancy).
  7. Place back in fridge and leave to firm up completely.
  8. When set, break the pieces up and place back in an air tight container.


The Making of Whoops! the Movie, Healing & Raw Food

Right now I am in the middle of shooting a feature film, the brand new dark British comedy – Whoops! The idea for the film is the brainchild of Sam Robinson, a landlord/restaurateur from York, whose story – very loosely based on truth – is now a witty, gory, ghoulish screenplay by Tony Hipwell and Miles Watts of MilesTone Films. I play the leading role in the movie, Rose  Clements – wife, mother of two and erm…accidental serial killer. The script is fantastic and I knew wanted to be a part of this after the first reading before my audition. I am very fortunate to be working along side a stellar cast and fantastic crew who are making this one of the most exciting projects I have worked on to date. I can’t tell you too much as to what goes on in the plot, but it is safe to say that when it comes to the film, accidents will definitely happen – and that means on and off the screen as well…

A week before I started filming, I was out on an early morning run along Brighton beach. One minute I was happily jogging, music pumping, free as the wind, and next thing you know my face, shoulder and right knee were scraping along the beach side path floor;  in other words, I fell over. As I hobbled back home (which incidentally was a 40 minute walk, not great when you’re covered in sand, grit and blood), all I could think was ‘I fell on my face and I’m filming next week, I fell on my face and I’m film next week..DAMN YOU HIGH DEFINITION!!!”. When I got home, I braced myself and took a look in the mirror. Yikes. I knew I should have got in touch with the producers straight away, but I think I was in denial and was kidding myself my war wounds may miraculously disappear by the next day. So when the next day did eventually arrive, you won’t be surprised to discover that my face still looked like, well, like I’d scraped it along the path floor. I bit the bullet (not literally, although I wouldn’t put it past me at the moment) and sent the director this photo, who in turn sent it to the make up girl, Chloe, who apparently after receiving it went “S**T”.

The first few two day’s in makeup were pretty difficult as my face was starting to peel off where it was healing, and became almost impossible to cover. But Chloe, my very glamorous and highly talented makeup artist did a fabulous job and I have to say unless you look very close you could hardly tell it was there at all!

When I first fell over and hit my face, I did have one of those over the top and unnecessary “Why God, Whyyyy?” feelings, but now I am actually  really grateful I had this accident. What was wonderful about it all was the watching the speed in which my skin healed itself. In only five days, my skin went from looking like this:

to this! (excuse the stubborn orangey fake blood stains…)

It was still a little pink I admit, but the new skin underneath was very soft and needless to say Chloe in makeup was over the moon. I put this quick recovery time down to my high raw diet and my daily consumption of almond milk and coconut butter. Coconut butter/oil contains healing medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), this is a saturated fat and is an important building block of every cell in the human body. Both coconut butter and almonds contain high levels of vitamin E – essential for a healthy skin growth and repair of wear and tear in the skin. So along with these two rejuvenating ingredients and a tonne of fruit and vegetable as well, you’ve definitely got yourself one hell of a skin-saving-fighting machine! Which is a good job, because I had another little accident yesterday when I got home from set…this time involving my finger…and a kitchen knife…Whoops!

See you soon with regular updates and photo’s of my raw food journey whilst on the set of Whoops!, what the cast and crew think of all this raw food gubbins, and what co-director Tony thought of this chocolate-chia-almond milk smoothie…

All coming in the following weeks on Get Rawcous!