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Menu consultant for KOKO GREEN in Nice, France.

Being asked to be menu consultant for the new and exciting raw vegan restaurant KOKO GREEN ( in the Old Town of Nice, France, was a huge privilege. The restaurant also offers cooked vegan options, but it was for the raw dishes I was asked to advise on. When the offer came through from the head chef and owner Nick Tempest – I leapt at the opportunity and couldn’t wait to get to work. After much preparation on home turf in England, I flew to France where I spent a week sharing and working on delicious raw food meals including this; an incredibly appetising Raw Thai Green Soup with Tamari Kelp Noodles.

I’m not a huge fan of the term ‘clean eating’ for reasons I will go into another time, but when I eat this – the flavours are so, well, clean that I have to accept defeat and say this is the ultimate clean eating treat.  What was also a treat was being flown out to work in such a beautiful part of the world and in the company of such kind and welcoming colleagues. Nick soaked up all the culinary advice I had to offer and it was great being back in the kitchen again. 

In between developing and refining dishes, I was able to have a little R&R in the form of a day trip to Monaco… not bad eh? The train from Nice Central took me directly there in 30 minutes and I spent the day exploring and climbing the never ending steep and winding streets. I was quite taken aback by just how unusual the layout of Monaco is – a zig zag montage of streets all on coast line that seem to go up and up and up! So much so that there are even lifts to take you from the top streets to the bottom. I’m probably not painting a very clear image of this I your heads but if you are ever to travel there – you will immediately know what I mean (again, not very helpful I know).

I loved the fact my work had taken me to a part of the world I was unlikely to visit had it not been for the particular job coming up, but Monaco left me a bit cold as I felt it was really a place only to be enjoyed by the rich & wealthy. And by wealthy I mean the drenched in diamonds type. How lovely it would be to lay by one of the exclusive swimming pools over looking the marina, sipping Veuve Cliquot out of a crystal flute whilst looked through ones D&G sunglasses, soaking in the sunshine. But alas, us mere mortals had to stomp around in converse trainers with a rucksack on carrying a homemade picnic as all the eateries were for people who weren’t dressed in converse trainers wearing rucksacks. Or at least the ones I happened upon weren’t. Never the less, it was fun getting a glimpse of how the like of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button spend their days when not tearing around in their F1 cars.

So back to the kitchen it was for me, which was by no means a chore. I love being creative and sharing my passion for raw foods especially with people who  are as equally passionate. And I wish Nick & Melina (Nicks parnter and co owner of Koko Green) all the luck in the world. The French customers won’t be the easiest to win over, as we all know they are not particularly renowned for their love of vegan food – but hopefully the vibrancy and freshness of these raw dishes speak for themselves. It’s just delicious food – pure and simple. And that’s what the bases of raw food is all about.


Yes, I know. I haven’t so much as brushed my key pad with a single “hello” in two months.

I have become a stranger to my own blog… *hangs head in shame*.

Why is this, you may ask? Was I eaten by Balinese dogs? Did I spend the whole two months eating pizza, fries and nasi goreng, throwing raw food caution to the wind? Did I get lost in the jungle whilst out hunting for mangos and cacao pods? Well, no. Not quite. I did go through some unexpected events though, which I won’t bore you with for fear of complaining, tisk tisk.  Ultimately, there was very little time to write, which I hadn’t foreseen would happen. I thought I would have oodles of time after a hard day in the kitchen to plink plonk away on my laptop whilst listening to the soundtrack of frogs and grasshoppers, singing away in the dark Bali nights…but erm, it wasn’t quite like that in the end. It was more like me, frazzled, covered in spirulina, grabbing my computer and sitting in the outdoor kitchen to find a decent wifi connection, and then proceeding to collapse in a big sweaty heap over the keys after having to deal with things back home on top of everything that needed to be done for the training. Whew. But! We did it! The training was a success. It was a crazy, bonkers, whirlwind of an experience and although yes, Get Rawcous did get left behind for a little while , I am grateful for the time I spent there and everything I learnt and all the people I met.

Now, if I said I never touched Get Rawcous when I was in Bali, that would be a lie, for in fact I did indeed write a blog post…ooo about 1 month ago, just after the training had finished. It’s just that for some unknown reason (probably because I’m CRAP) I never got round to posting it. But with the wonders of word press it was of course saved, so here it is…and I’ve stuck a little video with a slice of apple in* on the end too 🙂

*The following was written on 12th November, just after completion of the training..

This is a photograph of one of the raw chefs trainees final dinner presentations. It was raw Chinese dim sum, filled with the most beautifully, delicately flavoured walnut ‘meat’. The two dim sum wraps were made out of papaya, coconut meat and a little bit of physillium husk to bind. Nothing more. So simple, but absolutely delicious. It may not appeal to some, but the filling tasted so similar to chinese pork it was very hard to believe there was no meat in there at all. It was all in the detail to authentic Chinese flavours such as five spice, orange juice and star anise, as well as attention to texture. Texture is very important in raw food. It’s amazing how much pleasure from food comes from the feel of it in your mouth. That first bite

So, the Radiantly Alive Raw Chef Certification – October to November 2012 – is now completeThe students left Anahata yesterday morning, and this will be my last hour here before I continue onto the next part of my journey in Bali. The view from here really is breath taking. It’s amazing how little I have actually stopped to appreciate it this last month. Assisting full time in the kitchen, mentoring and being the in-house accountant was quite a challenge for me. If I’d have done a blog post a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t have felt anywhere near the calm and quiet as I do now. It would have gone something more like this “F*%$!!S*&@I!!?S!$!!”.  Now, having stuck it out and not left early as I very nearly did, I can sit back and be grateful for all the difficulties and frustrations. And anyway, what’s the use in going over how difficult things were, nobody like a moaner! Really, it’s all been magic, and I am very lucky to have had this experience. I have learnt so much, not only about raw food, but  also about those big life lessons the world keeps throwing at you until you stop, take note and try to make a difference to improve and change…hopefully for the best. I have met and worked alongside some of the most incredible awe inspiring people, and amidst all the craziness I have laughed so much I nearly cried (or maybe I was just crying.. was hard to tell the difference at times! Yikes.). But here is what I really care about, and the reason I came all the way back here in the first place; the food.  I am not kidding, in only a year, the level and standard of meals prepared has just gone through the roof. You would not believe some of the meals we produced during the training, all made for 60 people…breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So! If they say seeing is believing, then feast your eyes on this – it’s a short, scrumptious and sexy (ooo!) video I made.

Prepare to be amazed at the wonder and magnificence that is raw, living food…..!!!

For video – CLICK HERE!


* Here I have oh so wittily used a quote from Paul Calf’s Three Fights, Two Weddings and a Funeral. For those of you who have never witness this genius comical spectre – get on You Tube and watch it NOW. It will change your life and make you a much funnier person. Fact.

Bali Raw Food Adventure 2012!

For those of you who don’t know, right now I am in Bali. Yup, that’s correctomundo – Bali, Indonesia – Ubud to be precise. I am back in the land of the God’s for two whole moths to regenerate, rejuvenate and work my raw ass off in the raw food kitchen at Radiantly Alive. I will be helping put together daily raw breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the beautiful yogi’s and yogini’s (that’s the cool thing to say, right?) for an entire month during the training. I will also be mentoring the raw chef trainees at Anahata, where the Radiantly Alive certification course takes place. I have a couple of weeks before I’ll be needed in the kitchen on the 11th October, so in this time I will be mostly eating lots of papaya, drinking lots of coconut water and doing lots of yoga (“Cor! Rub it in why don’t you?!” I hear you cry).

 This time last year, I was myself a raw chef trainee in Bali working towards gaining my Radiantly Alive Raw Chef Certification (which I got, by the way…). It was an experience of a life time and I can’t express fully in words how grateful and excited I am that I am now able to go back there with the skills and knowledge I have learnt and put them to use in the professional kitchen this month. If anybody is interested in doing the course themselves, or if you would like to know in more depth all that you learn on the raw chef certification course at Radiantly Alive, click hereWhat I personally found so special about the training you receive at Radiantly Alive, and the programme that Daniel Aaron Horne has put together there, is that it is more than just a yoga teacher training course and a chef training course; it’s a month for not only learning technical skills, but it is also a time for personal growth as well. With the encouragement and support of the teachers and mentors, and with daily early morning hour long meditation sessions for both the yoga and raw chef students, it’s a safe environment to work on yourself and get past any obstacles that may be holding you back in life, or just a time to find more peace and acceptance within yourself. It’s not just a load of ‘happy-clappy-hippies’ (although granted, there is the odd night of  kirtan where indeed there is lots of swaying-happy-clapping going on); there are movie nights in the yoga shala where we watch inspirational films and documentaries, trips out to cacao farms, lunches in organic raw restaurants and a road trip to the whitest sandy beach towards the end of training – with a raw beach-side buffet put together by the kitchen staff (which will be me this year!). On top of the life changing transformations that happen during the month long course, and the in-depth training you receive, one of the best parts of doing the training is all the friends (who at the end of training feel more like family) that you will meet from all over the world

As you can imagine, being back here is very special for me and I seriously CANNOT WAIT to get started in the kitchen!!! The trainees arrive on the 14th, but myself along with the other raw kitchen staff are to be on location from the 11th setting up the kitchen and getting all the dehydrated food ready for the divine raw banquet that will be awaiting the wide eyed students when they arrive.

So for the next two months I will be dropping in with my raw Bali adventures, hopefully with some videos and definitely with lots of recipes!!!

I shall leave you with some photographs from my Radiantly Alive chef training last year. See you soon….x Elaine x

The Making of Whoops! the Movie, Healing & Raw Food

Right now I am in the middle of shooting a feature film, the brand new dark British comedy – Whoops! The idea for the film is the brainchild of Sam Robinson, a landlord/restaurateur from York, whose story – very loosely based on truth – is now a witty, gory, ghoulish screenplay by Tony Hipwell and Miles Watts of MilesTone Films. I play the leading role in the movie, Rose  Clements – wife, mother of two and erm…accidental serial killer. The script is fantastic and I knew wanted to be a part of this after the first reading before my audition. I am very fortunate to be working along side a stellar cast and fantastic crew who are making this one of the most exciting projects I have worked on to date. I can’t tell you too much as to what goes on in the plot, but it is safe to say that when it comes to the film, accidents will definitely happen – and that means on and off the screen as well…

A week before I started filming, I was out on an early morning run along Brighton beach. One minute I was happily jogging, music pumping, free as the wind, and next thing you know my face, shoulder and right knee were scraping along the beach side path floor;  in other words, I fell over. As I hobbled back home (which incidentally was a 40 minute walk, not great when you’re covered in sand, grit and blood), all I could think was ‘I fell on my face and I’m filming next week, I fell on my face and I’m film next week..DAMN YOU HIGH DEFINITION!!!”. When I got home, I braced myself and took a look in the mirror. Yikes. I knew I should have got in touch with the producers straight away, but I think I was in denial and was kidding myself my war wounds may miraculously disappear by the next day. So when the next day did eventually arrive, you won’t be surprised to discover that my face still looked like, well, like I’d scraped it along the path floor. I bit the bullet (not literally, although I wouldn’t put it past me at the moment) and sent the director this photo, who in turn sent it to the make up girl, Chloe, who apparently after receiving it went “S**T”.

The first few two day’s in makeup were pretty difficult as my face was starting to peel off where it was healing, and became almost impossible to cover. But Chloe, my very glamorous and highly talented makeup artist did a fabulous job and I have to say unless you look very close you could hardly tell it was there at all!

When I first fell over and hit my face, I did have one of those over the top and unnecessary “Why God, Whyyyy?” feelings, but now I am actually  really grateful I had this accident. What was wonderful about it all was the watching the speed in which my skin healed itself. In only five days, my skin went from looking like this:

to this! (excuse the stubborn orangey fake blood stains…)

It was still a little pink I admit, but the new skin underneath was very soft and needless to say Chloe in makeup was over the moon. I put this quick recovery time down to my high raw diet and my daily consumption of almond milk and coconut butter. Coconut butter/oil contains healing medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), this is a saturated fat and is an important building block of every cell in the human body. Both coconut butter and almonds contain high levels of vitamin E – essential for a healthy skin growth and repair of wear and tear in the skin. So along with these two rejuvenating ingredients and a tonne of fruit and vegetable as well, you’ve definitely got yourself one hell of a skin-saving-fighting machine! Which is a good job, because I had another little accident yesterday when I got home from set…this time involving my finger…and a kitchen knife…Whoops!

See you soon with regular updates and photo’s of my raw food journey whilst on the set of Whoops!, what the cast and crew think of all this raw food gubbins, and what co-director Tony thought of this chocolate-chia-almond milk smoothie…

All coming in the following weeks on Get Rawcous!



Fresh Turmeric in Morrisons!!!

Stepping through the doors of Morrisons in Guiseley (near Leeds) was like stepping onto the set of a sci-fi film. Endless rows of fruit and vegetables as far as the eye could see! This wasn’t the alien part however (although sadly this is alien for a lot of supermarkets), the strange beam-me-up-Scotty-type part was the eerie mist that was encompassing all the fresh produce and herbs! With the opening theme tune from 2001 A Space Odyssey playing in my head, I walked over (in slow motion, obviously) and gazed in wonderment at the massive selection of raw food before me, all being sprayed with tiny droplets of water in order to keep them ‘fresh’. And then, I saw it: ladies and gentlemen, the TURMERIC has landed. So for all of you in the UK who were wondering where you can purchase this power house of a bright yellow root, here it is. BOOM. Five pots of Turmeric Tea coming right up!

Aside from the turmeric though, I really do think the new fruit and veg section they have provided in this particular store is fantastic, and a massive step in the right direction towards helping people make healthier food choices. The whole foods sections was all of a sudden the ‘cool’ place to be. Kids were exited by it. People were filling their baskets. Passers by who looked like they’d never so much as even sniffed a carrot were hovering over the globe artichokes with intrigued looks on their faces. Ok, so a lot of the produce was imported from the other side of the world, which of course isn’t great, but if that’s what it takes initially to get people away from the cheese strings and onto the aubergines, so be it. Hopefully, the more health conscious people become, the more conscious in general they will become and maybe that’s when people will go more for local produce, rather than apples that have flown all the way from South Africa. Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now – here are some photos of the new, all improved veg section at Morrisons, plus the meal I made with said veg. I bet you never knew vegetables could be so enthralling….

Avocado, on rye and sprinkled with dulse. Served with bananas, garam masala, sliced apple, marinated kale and a French lentil and root veg stew!

RAW Breakfasts in Brighton!

Ipods. Harem pants. The Soprano’s. These are among the many things I have got excited about way after everybody else has. I just always seem to be a bit behind when it comes to certain things like technology, fashion and American television dramas. Now I am experiencing a similar thing with my new home, BRIGHTON. When I first landed upon its pebbly beach five months ago with nothing but a rucksack, pull along suitcase, blender, and yoga mat; I have to admit I was struggling to see what all the fuss was about. I mean, it had a pebbly beach for a start. Yes it was cool and yes, I did like it; but the best thing about the place for me was the fact that it had a raw restaurant and an amazing whole foods store (which incidentally was enough to keep me here). But without the sunshine to shine a torch on all that Brighton had to offer, I couldn’t hand on my heart say that this was an incredible place to be. Like most British seaside resorts, when the weather is grey and gloomy, Brighton became much of the same. The thing is I knew I had come here for a reason, and after flitting back to Yorkshire, crashing out in London and deciding not to up root and move to Bali, I decided to trust my gut feeling that was telling me to to stay here and start a new life on the south coast. But where was the bloody sunshine??!! Honestly, the last thing you want after turning down the chance to move to BALI is an upturned umbrella and gale force winds on your face. This was definitely a time to cultivate patience. So when the sun finally did come out to play, was it worth the wait? Was it ever!!! Brighton in the sunshine is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT. And now I have seen both sides of Brighton, the perceived good and bad, I can whole heartedly say this is one of the BEST places to live (and if you ignore the Tesco Express’s and the Sainsbury’s Local’s, you really don’t feel as if you’re in England, which is often a good thing). You’ve got everything here: the ocean, the beach (albeit a pebbly one), the south downs (not as glorious as my beloved dales, but still very beautiful), parks, clubs, cool-little-healthy-cafés, yoga, RAW restaurants, amazing produce, and a pulsating unique vibe that makes Brighton so special. So! Since the sun has been shining extremely bright, I have been sat outside most mornings enjoying some of the best raw breakfasts ever. You don’t get much of a better start to the day than this! Here are some of my favourites:

Hungry? Check in tomorrow for a recipe for Vanilla Chia with Elderflowers, Rosemary and Coconut Milk!

Day 12,13 &14 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

My favourite cuppa...

Well, first let me apologise for putting Day 12, 13 and 14 into one post – disgusting. Although, you could look at it with the attitude of “3 for the price of 1! Why read 3 posts when you can read 1?!”  (..or maybe not). The reason that I haven’t been able to stick to the daily posts recently, is due to the fact that these last three days have been nothing short of MENTAL. So much so that I can’t even remember what I have been doing. Does that ever happen to you? You have a crazy action packed weekend, but then when someone asks you on the Monday what you got up to you just go “….…”?  Actually, I tell a lie, I can remember what happened, especially the bit where I fell off a bicycle onto my back, smashed my elbow and broke my laptop. WONDERFUL. If there is one thing to put a spanner in the works of your blog it’s that (and Mum, I know you’re going to read this and freak out, but I didn’t tell you because, well, I didn’t want you to freak out. But don’t panic – the laptop and me are now fine, fixed and sorted).

Anyway! The fact is I am now at the end of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks! PRAISE THE LORD!!! After living off nothing but white sugar and flour for 3 days in Italy, avoiding sugar for 2 weeks was definitely the right thing for me to do; but I did find the whole ‘no banana, agave or honey’ part extremely difficult. So much so, that I didn’t actually stick to it. Oops. I didn’t touch any honey or refined sugar, but I did have some agave and a few bananas towards end. The thing is I feel really good when I eat bananas. I am prone to dark circles under my eyes and this can be a sign of low potassium. Bananas are packed full of potassium, and I have a feeling this is why my body loves’ them so much. Many people who are into raw foods often avoid bananas labelling them ‘the devils fruit’ (ok, they don’t really call them that, but they may as well do).  I understand that if you have problems with too much sugar in your system, or you suffer from “candida” (I always have to say the word ‘candida’ in an American accent…don’t know why), I appreciate avoiding bananas is probably a wise thing to due to the high sugar content. But if like me, this isn’t a problem, then I say enjoy this wonderful yellow fruit sent to us from the heavens! It’s definitely staying in my daily food fest.

Cutting out sugar for 2 weeks me realise that a life without sweetness is pretty dull. It also made me realise just how incredibly easy and enjoyable eating raw foods is when you don’t have any restrictions like this. There are so many delicious, healthy low GI raw treats out there that I don’t really miss or need refined sugar at all. People sometimes say to me “oh you’re so disciplined, you must have amazing will power to eat raw foods” – but it’s got nothing to do with will power – I LOVE IT! Cutting out sweet things for 2 weeks – that ­takes will power, and actually, I failed!!! I had agave, a few bananas, a small glass of wine and that bit of raw chocolate mousse that accidentally slipped into my mouth. Rubbish! But all that does is prove to me even more just how much eating raw foods is a choice – not a chore (and anyway, I’m not even 100% raw so I’m not entirely sure what the point I’m making here is, but I feel there is one in there somewhere!).

It’s hard on a cleanse or detox to differentiate between a craving, a detox symptom or a cry from your body telling you it is in genuine need for something; but come on – if you’re thinking “I need Ben & Jerrys, I just feel my body needs it” then that’s probably not a reliable voice you should listen to. I knew when I wanted dark chocolate it wasn’t because I needed the phenylethylamine, it’s because I wanted sugar. Simple as. But when I felt I needed a banana, this did feel different. I felt I was lacking in something, and I felt a lot better after I reintroduced them. Ultimately, the most important thing when doing anything like this is don’t feel guilty if you think you’ve ‘slipped up’. Be kind to yourself, and put things in perspective. If you had a bit of dark chocolate when you said you were going to avoid sugar, should you feel like your world is ending? Yes. Yes you should you wicked child... 🙂 

Right enough of sugar and it’s evil ways – look what just came through my door!









Pass me a round table and call me King Arthur – it’s my Excalibur!!! Very excited about this – not only have I missed it dearly, but I can now get cracking with some delicious raw, dehydrated treats and get the recipes out to you, too! Brilliant. See you soon!


Day 11 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 11

What I ate and drank today

  • Spirulina chia with banana, apple, orange, cinnamon and maca. (Seee, told you it’d be interesting today)
  • Super tasty salad of sunflower and lentil sprouts, cucumber, green pepper and mint
  • An apple
  • Heavenly green lentil soup
  • An orange
  • A load of gunpowder green tea. (Probably tttoo mmmuch.)
  • Hummus salad from a take away shop in Soho
  • Pineapple juice with spirulina
  • Nettle and Peppermint tea



04:30 Wide awake. Can’t sleep. Got a big decision to make and it’s keeping me awake. Go. To. Sleep. GO TO SLEEP. Sleeeeeeep….Now! Now. Sleeeepppp!!!! Sleep. (Doesn’t the word ‘sleep’ look a bit weird to you now? Sleep. Sleep. Weird.)

11:00 After much deliberation and a good few months of uncertainty and mental torture – I am now sure of one thing: I am staying in the UK and not moving to Bali. Call me crazy, call me insane (you’d probably be right). It’s not black and white though, you know. There are many reasons why I am not up and leaving for paradise; but I just have a gut feeling it’s right for me to be here now, for the time being at least. That’s all. And anyway, I happen to think Victoria Tube Station is one of the most beautiful places on the planet – I feel very zen each time I come to London and find myself packed in among the zillion people squeezing through the ticket barriers. This is where I find my still point. 

11:30 Now that I know my feet are staying firmly put on UK ground, I feel the need to have a crazily healthy, raw, superfood breakfast – just to reassure myself that I can. I have Chia with a bucket load of Spirulina and Maca, chopped apple, banana and orange – then finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon. I eat it whilst looking out on to the River Thames, and feel confident with the decision I have made:








“Ooo baby I like it RAW”

14:30 Have an AMAZING raw lunch made for me by the hands of Daniel Benzenou – who I have to say right now is an absolutely fantastic cook (and James Hillman, if you are reading this – remember your salad got a shout out too…don’t want to cause any friction in the household). I foresee that Daniel will have his own deli/cafe selling delicious Moroccan and Middle Eastern delights, maybe with a bit of Italian food thrown in there too. I personally can’t wait. He made this salad of sprouts – the ingredients were so simple, but my tastes bud were having a party! The sunflower and lentil sprouts had ground cumin, cumin seeds, lemon, olive oil and salt (I think), and the crisp cucumber with fresh mint really balanced the earthy, rounded flavour of the cumin. Heaven:








15:00 We were still a tiny bit peckish so Daniel made us some of his homemade Lentil Soup…wowzer. It was good:








19:30 Went to see my amazing, gorgeous and extremely talented friend Lucy Beaumont in a stand up gig at the Moonlighting club in Soho. She was hilarious and is gonna be a big comic star! Remember her name and keep an eye out for her. I had to sneak in a box of hummus and salad that I’d got from the kebab shop, though. Felt a bit like a scrubber but I was starving. I snook some spirulina into the club, too, and stirred it into my pineapple juice. Yeah, yeah, I drunk pineapple juice during my Sugar Free 2 Weeks, well it’s not CRACK is it? Calm your boots. 

00:30 A cup of nettle and peppermint tea. Bed. 

Join me tomorrow for Day 12 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks! 

Day 10 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 10

What I ate and drank today

  • I have absolutely no idea
  • Completely forgot to do my blog
  • Probably a salad or something
  • I’m guessing a bit of green tea, too
  • I definitely didn’t have that cheesecake
  • I wish I had
  • I didn’t have any steamed veg
  • I know I had a salad though
  • And maybe an apple
  • (Sorry)

Join me tomorrow for a far more interesting, highly riveting read on Day 11 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!


Day 9 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 9

What I ate and drank today

  • Beetroot salad
  • An apple
  • A banana (I was flagging)
  • ½ cup mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • 1 litre of carrot juice, made using my nut milk bag
  • Sweetheart cabbage rolls stuffed with sweet potato and avocado dip.
  • Cranberry and elderflower tea
  • Apple and ginger tea
  • Green tea (of course), and…
  • …BANCHA tea, all the way from Japan. (Today was a good day for tea. )



10:30 Had a salad for breakfast this morning! It was lovely though. Mixed leaves, beetroot, apple and celery with shredded carrots and cabbage. That along side a jug of beautiful Bancha tea – yup, I was happy. 








15:00 Left it too long before I ate something. I was in the centre Brighton and on my way to see the lads at EkoUk. I was flagging. I’d not come prepared. There was only one thing for it – I needed a banana. So I went to Sainsbury’s and bought one along with an apple – ate them and felt a lot better. I do think this was just what my body needed. It’s important not to get silly when doing ‘detox’s’ or ‘cleanses’. If you’re Hank Marvin, and you need to eat – but by eating you are afraid you’ll ruin your cleanse – just have a think and be sensible. I would rather eat a piece of fruit and risk going against the ‘rules’ of a detox, than not have one and faint.

15:30 Got to Shoreham-by-Sea but still felt hungry. Went into a fruit shop but didn’t buy fruit funnily enough, I bought a pack of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and ate them. They weren’t soaked, so I made sure to chew them extremely well.  Again, felt much better after snacking on these.

19:00 Got home and was in desperate need of a juice. I don’t have any of my equipment with me down here yet, all I have is a small personal blender and a nut milk bag. I’d not made a juice in my personal blender yet, and I had all those chantry carrots that needed eating, so I decided to juice them along with some fresh ginger and lemon, like so (sorry for poor picture quality!) –









































Ta – daaa!

20:00 A lovely raw dinner of Sweetheart Cabbage Rolls again, stuffed with Sweet Potato and Avocado Dip, and a few slice baby plum tomatoes.

22:00 Got a bit desperate for something sweet again. I seem to be struggling with this time of night the moment. I really did get desperate though, as I ended up make a little bit of porridge with water, ginger and a couple of tsp’s of Green & Blacks organic cocoa. Mmm (not).

Join me tomorrow for Day 10 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!