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Am I A ‘Health Food Junkie’?


“It turns out you are a junkie”.


These were the words posted on my facebook page this morning from my good friend, Jack. He sent me a link to a new Channel 4 series called ‘Health Food Junkies’ and as the first episode was about those strange people labeled ‘Raw Foodists’, I thought I should check it out.


It was very clear within the first five minutes which way this documentary was going to go. One of the first shots was of Suki Zoe (a well respected colonic hydrotherpist in the UK) coming out of the bathroom drinking a glass of her own wee. Great! So anyone who is new to raw foods now falsely believes you have to drink your own wee. Well done C4! The programme then followed Suki to work where she proceeded to give a woman a colonic. And yes, they showed her faeces coming through the tubes. So, before we even get on to anything to do with food, we have seen a persons bodily waste and someone drinking wee. Mmm, this raw food stuff sounds delicious, tell me more!


Then, from over the creepy music (which is underscoring the whole programme) the narrator say’s –


Agghhh! Help! They’ve got me! I’m being attacked by the evil raw chocolate smoothie! I mean, come on…

We then see a very well spoken couple do their weekly raw food shop. The total? £169.40. The message? Eating raw foods is for rich people. The truth? This is rubbish! My weekly raw food shop comes to around a fifth of that. Eating healthily does not have to be expensive.

These kind of negative subtle messages continued to play through out the entire programme. After hearing Suki explain that it isn’t physically possible for her to fancy a bloke who eats meat, we see her sat by herself drinking a solitary glass of vegetable juice. After seeing the rich posh couple host a raw dinner party for friends, we see one of the friends get into an argument with them and leave the table. Now this may be their reality, but it’s not mine.

The underlying message in the programme (thanks to clever editing and selective content from Channel 4) seems to be that people who eat raw foods are:

  1. A bit weird
  2. Rich
  3. Slightly creepy
  4. Lonely

Ok, I know I can be weird at times, but I’m not lonely and I wish I was bloody rich! And I’d really like to think I’m not creepy. However, no matter what message C4 were trying to convey, no one watching this show could deny how good these people look, or how big Kate Magic’s smile is. It’s like my Dad says, ‘what can’t speak can’t lie’. Every single person interviewed in that programme looked radiant and full of life, and for me that speaks louder than any sneaky editing ever could.

The truth is, since eating more raw foods, I have become the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I know I am lucky to have such amazing friends, but I haven’t lost a single one them because of the way I eat. Eating raw foods has rid me of anxiety, bad skin, unprovoked mood swings, fat, period pains, and insecurities but my friends have stayed put. Raw foods have given me a super strong immune system, glowing skin, tons of energy, a clear mind, confidence, supple joints and muscles, a positive outlook on life, and respect for myself and my body. I don’t feel like I am depriving myself of anything. I love creating delicious meals that are full of goodness, that make you feel great when you eat them. I love not feeling tired after eating, or shaky from drinking too much coffee or eating sugary foods. I just feel better; full stop! And if that’s what being labelled a ‘Raw Foodist’ or ‘Health Food Junkie’ means, then personally, I’ll take it.