Day 10 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 10

What I ate and drank today

  • I have absolutely no idea
  • Completely forgot to do my blog
  • Probably a salad or something
  • I’m guessing a bit of green tea, too
  • I definitely didn’t have that cheesecake
  • I wish I had
  • I didn’t have any steamed veg
  • I know I had a salad though
  • And maybe an apple
  • (Sorry)

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Day 9 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 9

What I ate and drank today

  • Beetroot salad
  • An apple
  • A banana (I was flagging)
  • ½ cup mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • 1 litre of carrot juice, made using my nut milk bag
  • Sweetheart cabbage rolls stuffed with sweet potato and avocado dip.
  • Cranberry and elderflower tea
  • Apple and ginger tea
  • Green tea (of course), and…
  • …BANCHA tea, all the way from Japan. (Today was a good day for tea. )



10:30 Had a salad for breakfast this morning! It was lovely though. Mixed leaves, beetroot, apple and celery with shredded carrots and cabbage. That along side a jug of beautiful Bancha tea – yup, I was happy. 








15:00 Left it too long before I ate something. I was in the centre Brighton and on my way to see the lads at EkoUk. I was flagging. I’d not come prepared. There was only one thing for it – I needed a banana. So I went to Sainsbury’s and bought one along with an apple – ate them and felt a lot better. I do think this was just what my body needed. It’s important not to get silly when doing ‘detox’s’ or ‘cleanses’. If you’re Hank Marvin, and you need to eat – but by eating you are afraid you’ll ruin your cleanse – just have a think and be sensible. I would rather eat a piece of fruit and risk going against the ‘rules’ of a detox, than not have one and faint.

15:30 Got to Shoreham-by-Sea but still felt hungry. Went into a fruit shop but didn’t buy fruit funnily enough, I bought a pack of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and ate them. They weren’t soaked, so I made sure to chew them extremely well.  Again, felt much better after snacking on these.

19:00 Got home and was in desperate need of a juice. I don’t have any of my equipment with me down here yet, all I have is a small personal blender and a nut milk bag. I’d not made a juice in my personal blender yet, and I had all those chantry carrots that needed eating, so I decided to juice them along with some fresh ginger and lemon, like so (sorry for poor picture quality!) –









































Ta – daaa!

20:00 A lovely raw dinner of Sweetheart Cabbage Rolls again, stuffed with Sweet Potato and Avocado Dip, and a few slice baby plum tomatoes.

22:00 Got a bit desperate for something sweet again. I seem to be struggling with this time of night the moment. I really did get desperate though, as I ended up make a little bit of porridge with water, ginger and a couple of tsp’s of Green & Blacks organic cocoa. Mmm (not).

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Day 8 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 8

What I ate and drank today

  • 1 small bowl of polenta
  • 3 sweetheart cabbage leaves (awww)
  • 1 medium avocado
  • 1 sweet potato, ½ raw – ½ steamed
  • Handful cherry tomatoes
  • 4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • Plate of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion and garlic.
  • Green tea and cranberry and Echinacea tea
  • 2 litres of water with lemon




 08:00 Woke up to my alarm going off. Felt a big groggy after having a dream about living with an actual pig, and my next door neighbour baking chocolate cakes and making omelettes all day. The walls were glass so I could see everything.  I’ve clearly got issues. Meditated for 15 minutes and felt much better.

09:30 Had the most unsatisfying breakfast that’s ever been. A bowl of polenta. I tried to liven it up a bit with allspice, but failed. Someone made me a delicious bowl of polenta porridge for breakfast a few weeks back, with pears, dates, ginger and topped with dairy free coconut yoghurt. It was to die for. I tried to attempt the same thing except without the pears, dates, ginger and coconut yoghurt. Strange that it didn’t work out the same.

It looked a lot better than it tasted...








Ate a few spoonfuls and gave up.

10:30 Picked at the polenta again in the vain hope that the flavour may have improved after an hour. It hadn’t.

11:30 Went to the co-op to have hunt round the reduced section. Managed to grab a few bargins – a beautiful sweetheart cabbage for 35p, a bag an chantenay carrots again for 35p and a mahoosive bag of onions for 25p that I will probably never do anything with but still – 25p!!! It’d be rude not to.  Went over the road to the ‘£1.00 a bowl man’ and got a bowl of baby plum tomatoes.

14:30 Went for a run. Nearly passed out on the way home, probably due to the fact that I’d eaten NOTHING. Idiot. Got through the door and wolfed down the polenta in a matter of seconds – and it tasted like a dream….

16:30 Decided to get creative in the kitchen with my bargin buys from the co-op! Can’t make a raw meal out of cabbage, tomatoes, an avocado and a sweet potato? Just watch me. I was feeling a bit defeatist yesterday about the whole lack of money and inability to eat raw thing, but I’m feeling inspired today. The first thing I make is this:








Raw Avocado and Sweet Potato Dip. It was yummy! I diced half a peeled sweet potato and put it in the blender along with half an avocado, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp olive oil, juice of half a lemon ¼ cup water and some hot smoke paprika. I whizzed it all up and voila! Gorgeous. The sweet potato blended really well and gave a lovely texture to the dip.

Then I used the sweetheart cabbage leaves to make some little nori style rolls. I steamed the other half of the sweet potato, thickly sliced the remaining avocado and chopped up some baby plum tomatoes, too. I then used these along with the Raw Avocado and Sweet Potato Dip as a filling for the sweetheart cabbage rolls, like so:



































17:30 I really am craving something sweet. I’ve never completely cut out sugar, agave, honey and sweet fruit before. I have no real problem giving up refined sugar, I don’t crave it as I’m so sensitive to it. I can feel it in my system straight away. But I am gagging for some raw chocolate or a banana or just ANYTHING sweet!

I guess I’ll have to settle for a green tea.

21:30 A late dinner of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion and garlic. I add mixed herbs to the pan along with some salt and black pepper. When they are cooked, I drizzle the vegetables with extra-virgin olive oil. My sugar craving seemed to have subsided, for now….

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Day 7 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks

Day 7

What I ate and drank today

  • 3 slices of sprouted rye bread
  • 1 medium avocado
  • 1/3 bag spinach
  • 1 small bowl of porridge with unsweetened soy, apple, ginger, cacao nibs and cinnamon
  • Green and peppermint tea (just thought I’d mix it up a bit)
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 tbsp sunflower seeds
  • 10 cherry vine tomatoes
  • 2 litres water with lemon

07:45 Wake up with the most horrific headache. Seriously question whether I had gone out last night and got leathered and just completely forgot, but realise – no, I definitely did not. What I did have just before bed was the salted peanuts though, and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion they have played a key role in this hangover like state I’m in now. 

08:00 Meditated. 30 minutes. Lovely.

09:00 You’re probably bored of this by now, but my breakfast was the usual sprouted rye bread with avocado, cumin, olive oil and salt. Yes it was delicious and yes I could eat it all day.

12:30 Small bowl of porridge. I think now would be a good time for me to explain why I’m not eating a huge amount of raw foods at the moment. Two reasons: money and well, money. I don’t actually think eating raw is that expensive – under normal circumstances I usually spend around £30 a week on food, but when the contents of your fridge look like this…

I wish I was joking...










…I have to admit it can be pretty challenging. One thing is for definite though, eating healthily is not expensive, I don’t care what anyone says. For me a high raw diet is optimum, and I thrive most when I am eating this way. However when it comes to raw food, if you’re totally strapped for cash and I mean totally – I admit it is easier to eat more cooked food. A bag of porridge oats is 46p for example, and that’s a lot of porridge! Steamed mashed sweet potato drizzled with olive oil is a cheap and tasty dish, whereas eating a whole raw sweet potato is not so great. You need variety on a raw diet, and variety is one thing I don’t have the luxury of at the moment. I do make sure I have something raw everyday day, I feel pretty gross if I don’t, and I aim to be at least 50% raw. Nut and seed milks are a nice cheap way of getting goodness into your body and alkalinising your system. I think I’m going to treat myself to some almonds or hemp seeds today. Hemp seeds in there shell are great value for money, are packed full of omega 3 and 6, and are extremely nourishing for your skin and hair.

I am hopeful that my situation will change very soon, and when it does I will be juicing and making raw chocolate til the wee small hours of the morning. I know I am happiest on a high raw diet, and I can’t wait to get fully back on it. 

18:00 Finished my project! Go for a run in the sun along Brighton beach.

19:30 Dinner! A salad! Hurrah! There was no way I was gonna have a cooked meal tonight…I needed RAW. It was a very simple salad consisting of spinach, apple, grated carrot, sunflower seeds, tomato and avocado. I drizzled olive oil on, along with some squeezed fresh lemon, hot smoked paprika and garlic powder:








Simple, but delicious. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 

10:30 The sugar niggle is still there. I go foraging in the kitchen (why I do this I have no idea, it’s just going to be the same depressing out come as it always is). Do you find you ever do this? You go to the cupboard for the millionth time, open it, have a look, move things about a bit just in case you’ve missed that huge slab of chocolate that’s hiding behind the box of vegetable suet that you haven’t used since 1994? But of course, it’s never there. You still have a good look though don’t you? “What can I eat…what can I eat…”. NOTHING.

“Right, well, I may as well just go to bed and give up living then, hadn’t I?”


Join me tomorrow for Day 8 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 6 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 6

What I ate and drank today

  • 3 slices of sprouted rye bread
  • 2 small avocados
  • 2 apples
  • small bowl of porridge
  • 2 litres water
  • Green tea
  • ‘Large’ bowl of vegan food from Vantra in Soho (which, if you’ve ever been to Vantra, you will know a ‘large’ bowl is actually the size of an upturned thimble)
  • Handful of salted peanuts *hangs head in shame*

09:30 Slept in. Dreamt about mashing Gorgonzola with Emmenthaler, mixing them both together with some finely grated Parmagiano along with some mascarpone, eggs, nutmeg and white pepper then using it to stuff a large, handsome pumpkin. Note to self – DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WHILST READING ‘A THOUSAND DAYS IN TUSCANY’. 

09:45 Up and out of bed, straight into my running gear and out the door. Couldn’t get my head into the right space to meditate this morning (I’m sure there’s some irony in there somewhere. Or maybe not…*correct use of irony paranoia*)

11:00 Yesssssssss. BREAKFAST. My slight obsession at the moment – avocado on sprouted rye bread with cumin, olive oil and salt. 

11:30 Notice my skins looking better again, thank God. Still not back to where it was pre-Italy, but it’s a lot happier:








12:00 I think I’m over my tahini addiction! I looked at the jar today and felt nothing. The fact that it was empty may have had something to do with it, but never the less, I felt strong. 

12:30 Make a pack up to go to London, which consists of an apple, an avocado and small portion of porridge with ginger, cacao nibs and cinnamon. What’s that?.. Will I eat the porridge cold? Come on, I was practically 100% raw over Christmas in HULL – you think I’m afraid of a bit of cold porridge? I don’t think so. 

14:30 On my way to the big smoke for my audition. Tucked into my avocado whilst sat on the train, a little travelling ritual of mine. 

17:00 Have a coffee craving. It’s the constant smell of it pumping out of the zillion coffee houses along Tottenham Court Road. Still can’t quite believe how, after having that one tiny espresso in Italy, my taste for the real stuff has come back… I won’t give in though. Giving up coffee was probably the best thing I ever did (Well, not the best thing, but it’s up there). I might miss the taste, but I don’t miss the energy crashes, the palpitations, the lack lustre skin and anxiety it used to induce in me… 

19:00 Got 3 hours to kill after my audition before my train leaves back to Brighton. Decided to go to Vantra, a vegan buffet restaurant on Soho street. I go for the ‘large’ bowl (which is actually a ‘small’ bowl) and cram it in with as much food as possible. All those years of going to the salad bar at pizza hut as a child paid off…. 









Just as I was finishing my meal, guess who should walk through the door but non other that Gavin Kaufman! Ha! I love it when random meetings like this happen! Was so good to see him, and a total coincidence that we were both there at the same time. Got to cram in a 20 minute speed talk catch up before I had to leave for my train. 

21:30 On way home, I have huge craving for something bad. I would murder for some dark chocolate right now. I find myself in co-op with that zoned out fog in my brain, the one where you start to shut out the sensible voice in your head so that you can buy whatever the hell you like. It could go either way though. It’s not taken over yet, but I really, really want some chocolate… In an attempt to stop myself reaching for the ‘70% Madagascan Dark Chocolate with Orange Oil’, I quickly grab some ‘Salted Peanuts’. I eat half a bag and feel a bit sick. That was definitely a mistake. I will attempt to grab a bag of greens instead, next time….

Join me tomorrow for Day 7 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 5 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 5

What I ate and drank today

  • Small bowl of porridge made with unsweetened soy, apples, cinnamon, fresh ginger and cacao nibs
  • Another small bowl of porridge (it was freezing outside!), made with added chia and the same as the above
  • 2 slices of sprouted rye bread
  • 1 small avocado
  • Steamed celeriac, carrots, leeks and garlic (again!)
  • Green tea
  • 1 litre water

10:30 Had a lie in as it’s Sunday. It’s chucking it down outside and I mean chucking it down… After getting up I go hunting for food, and all I managed to unearth is a small, lonely avocado, two shrivelled kumquats and some porridge oats. I have a battle with my raw conscience as to what I should eat, and consider salvaging the kumquats to make some sort of green kumquat mousse, then realise I would rather eat my own vomit and opt for the porridge oats instead.  

10:45 After a trip over the road to the co-op, I come back armed with granny smiths and a carton of unsweetened soy milk. I don’t normally have soy, but I want something comforting as the weather is so miserable outside, so I use it to make my porridge with. I add some chopped apple, grated ginger, cinnamon, cacao nibs and a pinch of salt. (I probably shouldn’t be pushing a cooked dish, but have you ever tried putting salt on your porridge before? Do it. You won’t regret it.)

15:30 Another bowl of porridge. I’ve thrown the kumquats away so there’s no chance of creating any culinary masterpiece with them now. I make the porridge over a very low heat, but this time with added chia! If you are unsure about this strange thing called chia (maybe due to rumors of it’s frog-like consistency) I highly recommend trying it this way first! It’s definitely a good initiation to one of the most nutrient dense seeds around. It best to eat it raw, but this is second best I reckon. If you decide to add some chia to your normal porridge, make sure you add more water or soy as the chia will soak it all up like nobodies business, the thirsty little beggars…

Porridge Oats with Chia, Apple, Ginger, Cacao Nibs and Cinnamon.









17:30 Go for a run, and pick up some Sprouted Rye Bread en route. Run happily back home along Brighton beach with my bread in my hand, feeling like the boy off the Hovis ad.

18:45 Post workout snack , yup – Avocado on Sprouted Rye Bread, with cumin, olive oil and salt. MMMMMM.








20:30 Steamed celeriac –AGAIN. No photo needed. (Was good though…)

10:30 Cup of Clippers ‘Sleep Easy’ and a few pages of ‘A Thousand Days in Tuscany’…..zzzz

Join me tomorrow for Day 6 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks! 


Day 4 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 4








What I ate and drank today

  • 3 litres of water with lemon (I’m just showing off now)
  •  Chia with mixed berries
  •  Avocado dip with carrot sticks (there is something so sad about the words ‘sticks’ and ‘carrot’ put together, don’t you think?..)
  •  Rainbow chard and spinach salad (predictable) with cacao nibs, chilli and cumin (Ahh, you weren’t expecting that were you?)
  •  2 tbsp tahini (I got weak)
  •  Steamed celeriac, carrots and leeks with olive oil and nutritional yeast
  •  Green tea
  •  2 bottles of sparkling mineral water…
  •  … and errm….errr… (afewspoonfulsofrawchocolatemouseeandasmallglassofveganorganicwine.)

What??? Alright, alright… Hold your fire. I can explain!

06:50 Chirp! Chirp! Woke up wide eyed and ready for the day, a good half hour before my alarm was due to go off as well! Ahh, that’s more like it! Starting to get my early morning energy back. Nice. 

07:15 Meditated for 15 minutes then BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm went off. That’ll teach me for getting cocky about my early morning energy. 

07:45 Gorgeous breakfast. Chia with Mixed Berries:










No added sweetener, just chia soaked in water and some defrosted mixed summer berries form the freezer. I blended 4 tbsp’s of them and mixed them into the chia, then added some whole berries on top. I sprinkled on my favourite – cinnamon – and thoroughly enjoyed eating every mouthful. Yum. 

11:11 It was chucking it down outside. I sat looking out the window whilst eating some carrot sticks dipped in mashed avocado and listening to ‘Complicated’ by Avril Lavigne; then felt a bit stupid and got on with my day. 

13:30 Lunch. Rainbow Chard and Spinach Salad with Cacao Nibs, Chilli and Cumin:








The cacao nibs and fresh chilli made all the difference in this vibrant mound of greens. I shall endeavour to remember to put them in more salads in the future..

14:00 Lost half an hour of my life staring at this:










14:30 CAN’T FOCUS. Trying to work on a project but all I can think about is going over the road to buy a bar of Green & Blacks. Just imagine…curled up on the sofa, fantasy frothy cappuccino in one hand, an entire bar of Green & Blacks in the other…

14:31 I want something sweet.

14:32 I want something sweet

14:33 I want something sweet

14:34 I want somethin- SLAP


15:00 Have an interesting observation on why I’m wanting to eat. As there really is nothing much to eat in the house, I am not able to eat whenever I get that little urge to. Not that I normally eat like a house or anything, but I definitely do pick at food, especially to distract myself from unwanted emotions. There is quite a bit of uncertainty in my life at the moment, not that I’m complaining – things could be a lot worse – but it can be an uncomfortable feeling at times and eating can temporarily relieve it. Just the simple act of chewing makes me feel better sometimes (although chewing gum never works so that my theory out the window). I know this is why we have such a problem with obesity, alcoholism and drug addiction. Facing our emotions is a terrifying thing. If we don’t cover them up with food, drink or drugs, what do we do? We have to deal with them, and this can be extremely painful; it’s just too much for a lot people. No one enjoys feeling emotionally exposed and vulnerable. Regular exercise, meditation and a diet of unprocessed whole foods can massively help deal with negative emotions, but for many those things seem too far out of reach. A few weeks back, a good friend of mine sent me this video –  Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability. If you find emotional eating is something you sometimes struggle with, I highly recommend you watch this video. Brown has spent the last ten years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame, in order to help us “cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection that we need to recognise that we are enough – that we are worthy of love, belonging, and joy”. Brown is hilarious too – so even if you’re the most chilled out, sorted, I-eat-ten-pies-a-day-and-am-totally-fine-with-that kind of person, it’s still worth a watch!  

17:15 Tea time (as we say in Yorkshire). Steamed celeriac, carrots, leeks and garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with nutritional yeast:








21:00 It’s confession time. Ok, let me start from the beginning (I’ll try to keep it short). Basically, I’ve got an audition on monday and I’ve got to do a German accent for the role, right? Anyway, I got a random text on my phone yesterday from my friend Gunnar who is, you’ve guessed it – German! I told him about the audition and he ever so kindly offered to come all the way from London to Brighton that evening to help with my accent, to which I said – thank you very much, that would be amazing. So! We spent a good few hours in the pub (where I had the 2 bottles of sparkling mineral water!!!) and then Gunnar wanted to get something to eat. Gunnar, a massive meat eater, has never eaten a vegan meal before in his life, so of course I dragged him to Aloka – “You’ll love it! Honest!”. Anyway, it turns out he did love it, but he wasn’t loving drinking alone so much. So in a complete act of kindness and compassion, I had a small glass of vegan, organic, sulphite-free, bio-dynamic, grapes crushed by the feet of tibetan monks – wine. There. Now, the few spoonfuls of raw chocolate mousse I had was a complete accident and that is the God’s Honest Truth! Anyone who know’s me can vouch for the fact that I am easily distracted and very forgetful. When it came to desert time, I was so deep in conversation that I completely forgot about the sugar free thing. It was only on my fourth mouthful that I went “OmmhmyGod!” and put my spoon down and hand over my mouth. But come on…it was raw, it was sweetened with xylitol, so really, I’ve not actually done anything that bad… No refined sugar, honey or agave has passed my lips, and they’re the ones I was most bothered about. So I’ve decided not to feel bad about it, and enjoy the fact that I got to have a sneaky bit of pudding. Woohoo! 

Join me tomorrow for Day 5 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!



Day 3 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 3

What I ate today and drank today

  • 3 slices sprouted rye bread
  •  1 small avocado
  • 1 litre of water (not enough!)
  • 4 tbsp tahini (too much!)
  •  Rainbow chard, spinach, tomato and apple salad
  •  Handful of cacao nibs (much needed..)
  •  Plate of steamed vegetables
  •  Quite a lot of green tea



08:00 Ravenous! Again! Woke up in a much happier mood, though. Other than being aware of the bear growling in my stomach, I felt quite mellow and serene as I got out of bed this morning… Skin looked better again too, the puffiness has really gone down. 

09:00 Meditated. 30 mins. No drilling this morning either, shame….

10:00 Managed to hold out until 10am before I ate, not because I’m starving myself, but because I know the body is in strong detox mode in the mornings, so if you are wanting to cleanse it’s best to wait and give your body that extra break it needs to flush things from your system. Breakfast this morning was my new favourite – Avocado on Sprouted Rye Bread, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and cumin. FIT. 









This mornings breakfast was a lesson in mindful eating, though. As I tucked into the first bite, I received an email on my mobile. It was from an old friend and it was a really exciting email! I was engrossed whilst reading it, but continued to shovel food into my mouth. So when I finished reading the message I looked at my plate and thought “Hey! Who ate all my breakfast?!? Oh. That would be me. Damn.” 

11.30 Currently reading ‘A Thousand Days in Tuscany’ by Marlena de Blasi which is basically a form of self harm. I have no idea why I am continuing to read it now I’m back from Florence. It’s torture!!! Pain aside though, it is lovely to read, and there are actually talks of a few raw meals that De Blasi enjoys out there! One of them being a recipe with squash blossoms, she describes it as  – “Squash blossoms, raw (raw!) with a handful of arugula, two leaves of basil, a tomato still warm from the sun, and a drop of oil”.  Yum. Might go for that instead of the deep fried rice balls next time I’m in Italy…

12:00 I. Need. Coffee. God damn it! I only had one espresso out in Italy and it’s hooked it’s addictive claws into me like a big ferocious cat. Grrr. Ok. Be strong. Hmm, strong coffee…Shut up! Nope. I am not going to give in. Where’s the tahini? That always seems to help. (It didn’t, by the way…)

13:30 Lunch! Rainbow Chard, Spinach, Apple and Tomato Salad with tahini, lemon and olive oil. When I made this, I completely forgot that an hour and a half previously I’d already spooned 2 tbsp’s of tahini in my gob during my futile attempt at curbing my coffee cravings. I put a further 2 tbsp’s of tahini in the dressing for this salad. Which meant I’d eaten 4 tbsp’s of tahini, which if my calculations are correct, is about 7000 calories (if the back of the jar is anything to go by, anyway). I have now come to the conclusion I can no longer be trusted around a jar of tahini. 









15:30 Went to see the lovely lads at EkoUk in their new swanky office (it’s got a studio with a mixing desk and cinema and everything). On the way I stopped off at Infinity foods thinking to myself “I might just grab a nakd chocolate bar”, then remembered I was on a sugar cleanse. Hmm. I needed something, though. The cravings were pretty strong, so I grabbed these:











And I tell you what, they actually helped! If you are cutting out sugar, I highly recommend getting hold of some of these. They are very bitter and but they do help to stop you from wanting something sweet. They satisfy the need for coffee, too. Well, a little bit anyway…but every little helps in times like these! 

16:30 Went to the pub and sat in the beer garden with Lee and Guy from EkoUk. I had a sparkling mineral water whilst they supped pints. Was tough, but I survived…

19:00 Big plate of steamed veggies! Think this is going to be my last night on this. I have been really enjoying my steamed veg recently, but I am now starting to crave the freshness of raw again. Well, I might continue to steam some celeriac, I can’t get over how delicate and beautiful the flavour and texture is when you steam it. Why do we not eat celeriac more? It grows in this country, but I never had it growing up… did you? 

20:30 Oh dear God… The sugar cravings are kicking in big time. I thought it would get easier each day but this is definitely the worst it’s been. Argh! What am I going to do? The tahini. NO! Errmmm, cacao nibs? Already over done them a bit… More green tea? Yes. More green tea… Do you know what else I’m craving? WINE. Yup, el vino. I drank a lot of Chianti in Italy and I would LOVE a glass right now. Ahhhh… No can do though. Just gonna have to ride this craving out I think…It’ll be worth it in the end. 

Join me tomorrow for Day 4 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 2 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 2

What I ate and drank today

  • 2 litres of water with fresh lemon
  • 3 tbsp apple cider vingar
  • 4 slices of sprouted rye bread
  • 1 small avocado
  • Rainbow chard, spinach and apple salad with tahini
  • 1 green smoothie (spinach, apple and lemon)
  • 1 plate of steamed vegetables
  • Post workout bowl of chia with water, lemon juice and nut meg
  • Quite a lot of green tea

08:00 Woke up feeling like one of those annoying girls off a Boots ad for de-congestion tablets as I walked to the bathroom like a sniffling zombie. I had a phlegmy throat and snotty nose – gross! “I’m like soooo detoxing right now…”. My skin looked a bit better though, still spotty but the puffiness had gone down:






09:15 Meditated. I love meditating when there is drilling going on right outside your window. This silence business is over rated… It’s all about the “THUDTHUDTHUDTHUDTHUD” for me. 

10:00 Oh…my…god. I had my first experience of Everfresh’s Sprouted Rye Bread. I don’t get how I’ve not taste this before!!!

It actually had a similar effect on me as when I bit into the cannoli… I’m not joking. (Ok, not that similar, but close). It’s just so moist and squidgy and mmmmm! I had it with some sliced avocado and it was like eating some kind of salty savoury fudge (does that even sound nice?). I tell you what it’s similar to –  Soreen, but lighter, more squidgy and made with 100% sprouted rye. I mean, can you Adam and Eve it?! Honestly, if you are wanting to give up wheat – get your lips round this and it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. It’s not raw (shock horror!) but I personally can’t see how this is bad for you, other than the fact that it is very moorish. If after having a couple of slices you think “Hmmm, I could probably fit another one in” DON’T. It’ll tip you over the edge, you’ll feel stuffed and regret it. Ahem. 


I was shown a nifty little way to slice avocado the other day, and wanted to show you too! 

 1. Get a sharp knife and whack it into the stone. Turn the knife away from you (anti-clockwise if you’re right handed) and pull the stone out. 









2. Now for the nifty part! Take your sharp knife again and carefully slice the avocado whilst it’s still in the shell. As you’ve got more control, you can make the slices nice and thin. 




3. Next, get a spoon and gently scoop out the avocado flesh like you normally would, making sure you get as close to the avocado skin with the back of your spoon as possible. 




4. Ta-daaa! On your chopping board, place the sliced avocado flat side down and gently press. The end result is a lovely thin feathered effect, perfect to lay on lots of ….SPROUTED RYE BREAD!!! 




11.30 There was a situation with a sick friend, a yoga mat, and tube journey. I won’t go into details but I found myself getting annoyed rather than understanding. It was that bubbly hot annoyance that makes you go a bit quiet as you pretend your ok with everything. “I’m like sooo emotionally detoxing right now….“. 

15:30 MAJOR SUGAR CRAVINGS. I tried to ignore it but couldn’t so went on a run. The first song on my ipod as I set off was this Candy – Official video. Excellent. Whilst running along the beach I was having one of those “What the hell am I doing with my life???” moments, which quickly passed when I bumped into my good friend Emma Henderson! Emma was on the Raw Chef Apprenticeship course with my out in Bali (her sea spaghetti with marinara sauce is amazing). It was so good to see her and put me in a lovely mood. Thanks Emma! 

16.45 Back from run. Starving! Did some deep stretching then scoffed the chia i’d pre-soaked in a matter of seconds. It would have tasted a lot better if I’d had cinnamon, but I had to sprinkle it with nutmeg instead. It was still nice and refreshing though and helped with the sugar cravings. Sort of. 

19:00 Green smoothie time! Little Raw on a Budget tip here: If you’ve got a 1/3 of a bag of spinach, an apple, half a lemon and some water – you’ve got a green smoothie. Cheap as chips! 











20:00 Had a big plate of steamed vegetables with extra-virgin olive oil, mixed herbs, nutritional yeast and a bit of salt. Really, really tasty… I’m enjoying this very much at the moment. 









20:30 Desperately wanted something sweet after my dinner. Went hunting in the cupboards and all I came out with was a packed of Sprouted Rye Bread. Go figure! (Is that the right way to use that saying?…) So I had a verrryyy thin slice, and then another verrryy thin slice. Then was forced to use the ‘brush your teeth’ technique. Which seems to be working, for now…

See you tomorrow for Day 3 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

(If you’re joining me in this, please feel free to let me know how you are getting on!)

Day 1 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Welcome to Day 1 of my sugar free cleanse! After my recent trip to Italy where I over dosed on gelato, pizza, pasta and coffee, my body is in desperate need of some sugar free TLC!!! As well as sugar, I will be completely avoiding alcohol, coffee, black tea, refined and processed foods and all animal products. If you would like to follow me on this, when I say ‘sugar free’ I mean no sugar or sweeteners, that also means no agave, honey or xylitol. I will also be avoiding dried fruit, particularly dates, and I will also be staying clear of sugary fruit such as bananas, pineapple, mango, plums, peaches ect… Just avoid anything sugary and sweet basically!!! I will allow myself to eat some apples and berries, though. I know yesterday I said I was going to avoid caffeine completely, but I also know my skin is very happy when I drink green tea so I’m going to carry on drinking this. It feels right. And remember, these are just guidelines, don’t stress out about it and just follow your own intuition!

 What I will be eating is this:

• Lots of blended and unblended raw food, the majority of which being vegetables.

• Seeds and nut milks

• Steamed vegetables and soups

• Water, water, water

• Green juices (if and when I can afford it)

• Sprouted breads

• Oils and healthy fats from cold pressed olive oil, coconut butter and avocados.

I will be meditating each morning for 30 minutes (you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to!) and I’ll be getting daily exercise in the form of walking, running and yoga.

Right! That said, here’s how my first day went.

(NB – I am currently unemployed (said in a wide mouthed whisper), so I know I have the luxury to meditate and things, but I am still working hard at home on my raw projects. I’m not dossing about, honest!)

Day 1

07.00: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. My head was pounding as I opened my eyes this morning. It was a weird, tight thudding that not only pulsated in my head, but all over my neck and shoulders too. Who in their right mind wants to start their day feeling like this?! Not me! The other thing I wasn’t happy about was the fact that I woke up STARVING. It was the crack of dawn and I was ravenous! I don’t know whether it’s because my body is so desperate for nutrients after my 3 day sugar binge, or whether it’s just hungry for more sugar, but either way this early morning hunger is new for me. I managed to meditate, but really I just closed my eyes and nodded off.

08.30: All I was fancying to eat was a bowl of steamed vegetables, so that what I had. Yes, for breakfast and yes – it was good.

11.00: One word for you – IRRITABLE. I went in to the co-op to buy some avocados and lemons, grabbed them, went to pay and saw this MASSIVE QUEUE. God damn it!! Did they not know I was coming in to do some shopping??? And WHY oh WHY do they not have more than one flippin’ check out person on the tills??!! I huffed and puffed and consequently dumped my avocados and lemons in the box of potatoes as I stormed out. Ha! Sort that out co-op staff…

11.30: As I walked into town I listened to the Circle of Life from The Lion King on my ipod and cried. Oh dear…

12.00: My stomach felt like it was going to explode. Bloat city! My digestion is all over the shop. Not nice.

12.15: As I was in the queue at WhSmiths, I found myself gawping at a box of Milk Tray… It’s on offer. Half price. Was £12 pounds, now only £6.00. Only £6.00! I mean, it’d be rude not to really… It’s got two layers… Maybe if I start my sugar free diet tomorrow, and just eat that box ton- NO NO NO!!! Step away from the Milk Tray!!! Phew.. I swear, only last week I never even acknowledged those foods, they actually stopped looking edible to me. Now I’m having to physically restrain myself from ripping open that tempting deep purple box with my teeth. Woah. This is going to be harder than I thought.

13.00: Lunch was a plate of tomatoes and nutritional yeast (my camera stopped working, otherwise I’d have taken a picture, but I think you can use your imagination on this one..). I felt my body soaking up the goodness. Really enjoyed it.

19:00: After an hour long walk along Brighton beach in gale force winds and rain, I was starting to feel like myself again. All I wanted for dinner though was steamed veggies again, so I decided to listen to my body and go with that. I treated myself to some beautiful organic rainbow chard, and had that raw along side my steamed celeriac, carrots, broccoli, leeks and garlic.









(I tell you what, I know those pictures of ice cream and stuff looked amazing, but this bag of greens is definitely doing it for me right now…)

What’s that? A pan? On a hob of fire! Ooo, contoversial… So there we have it – Steamed Vegetables with Rainbow Chard! I drizzled some tahini over the chard after massaging it with a little lemon juice and olive oil. The veggies I just kept simple, a little sprinkling of mixed herbs, salt and nutritional yeast. Delicious. 

22.00 I want pudding. I spoon some tahini in my mouth instead. Seems to do the trick…kind of.

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

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