Bali Raw Food Adventure 2012!

For those of you who don’t know, right now I am in Bali. Yup, that’s correctomundo – Bali, Indonesia – Ubud to be precise. I am back in the land of the God’s for two whole moths to regenerate, rejuvenate and work my raw ass off in the raw food kitchen at Radiantly Alive. I will be helping put together daily raw breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the beautiful yogi’s and yogini’s (that’s the cool thing to say, right?) for an entire month during the training. I will also be mentoring the raw chef trainees at Anahata, where the Radiantly Alive certification course takes place. I have a couple of weeks before I’ll be needed in the kitchen on the 11th October, so in this time I will be mostly eating lots of papaya, drinking lots of coconut water and doing lots of yoga (“Cor! Rub it in why don’t you?!” I hear you cry).

 This time last year, I was myself a raw chef trainee in Bali working towards gaining my Radiantly Alive Raw Chef Certification (which I got, by the way…). It was an experience of a life time and I can’t express fully in words how grateful and excited I am that I am now able to go back there with the skills and knowledge I have learnt and put them to use in the professional kitchen this month. If anybody is interested in doing the course themselves, or if you would like to know in more depth all that you learn on the raw chef certification course at Radiantly Alive, click hereWhat I personally found so special about the training you receive at Radiantly Alive, and the programme that Daniel Aaron Horne has put together there, is that it is more than just a yoga teacher training course and a chef training course; it’s a month for not only learning technical skills, but it is also a time for personal growth as well. With the encouragement and support of the teachers and mentors, and with daily early morning hour long meditation sessions for both the yoga and raw chef students, it’s a safe environment to work on yourself and get past any obstacles that may be holding you back in life, or just a time to find more peace and acceptance within yourself. It’s not just a load of ‘happy-clappy-hippies’ (although granted, there is the odd night of  kirtan where indeed there is lots of swaying-happy-clapping going on); there are movie nights in the yoga shala where we watch inspirational films and documentaries, trips out to cacao farms, lunches in organic raw restaurants and a road trip to the whitest sandy beach towards the end of training – with a raw beach-side buffet put together by the kitchen staff (which will be me this year!). On top of the life changing transformations that happen during the month long course, and the in-depth training you receive, one of the best parts of doing the training is all the friends (who at the end of training feel more like family) that you will meet from all over the world

As you can imagine, being back here is very special for me and I seriously CANNOT WAIT to get started in the kitchen!!! The trainees arrive on the 14th, but myself along with the other raw kitchen staff are to be on location from the 11th setting up the kitchen and getting all the dehydrated food ready for the divine raw banquet that will be awaiting the wide eyed students when they arrive.

So for the next two months I will be dropping in with my raw Bali adventures, hopefully with some videos and definitely with lots of recipes!!!

I shall leave you with some photographs from my Radiantly Alive chef training last year. See you soon….x Elaine x