Day 12,13 &14 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

My favourite cuppa...

Well, first let me apologise for putting Day 12, 13 and 14 into one post – disgusting. Although, you could look at it with the attitude of “3 for the price of 1! Why read 3 posts when you can read 1?!”  (..or maybe not). The reason that I haven’t been able to stick to the daily posts recently, is due to the fact that these last three days have been nothing short of MENTAL. So much so that I can’t even remember what I have been doing. Does that ever happen to you? You have a crazy action packed weekend, but then when someone asks you on the Monday what you got up to you just go “….…”?  Actually, I tell a lie, I can remember what happened, especially the bit where I fell off a bicycle onto my back, smashed my elbow and broke my laptop. WONDERFUL. If there is one thing to put a spanner in the works of your blog it’s that (and Mum, I know you’re going to read this and freak out, but I didn’t tell you because, well, I didn’t want you to freak out. But don’t panic – the laptop and me are now fine, fixed and sorted).

Anyway! The fact is I am now at the end of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks! PRAISE THE LORD!!! After living off nothing but white sugar and flour for 3 days in Italy, avoiding sugar for 2 weeks was definitely the right thing for me to do; but I did find the whole ‘no banana, agave or honey’ part extremely difficult. So much so, that I didn’t actually stick to it. Oops. I didn’t touch any honey or refined sugar, but I did have some agave and a few bananas towards end. The thing is I feel really good when I eat bananas. I am prone to dark circles under my eyes and this can be a sign of low potassium. Bananas are packed full of potassium, and I have a feeling this is why my body loves’ them so much. Many people who are into raw foods often avoid bananas labelling them ‘the devils fruit’ (ok, they don’t really call them that, but they may as well do).  I understand that if you have problems with too much sugar in your system, or you suffer from “candida” (I always have to say the word ‘candida’ in an American accent…don’t know why), I appreciate avoiding bananas is probably a wise thing to due to the high sugar content. But if like me, this isn’t a problem, then I say enjoy this wonderful yellow fruit sent to us from the heavens! It’s definitely staying in my daily food fest.

Cutting out sugar for 2 weeks me realise that a life without sweetness is pretty dull. It also made me realise just how incredibly easy and enjoyable eating raw foods is when you don’t have any restrictions like this. There are so many delicious, healthy low GI raw treats out there that I don’t really miss or need refined sugar at all. People sometimes say to me “oh you’re so disciplined, you must have amazing will power to eat raw foods” – but it’s got nothing to do with will power – I LOVE IT! Cutting out sweet things for 2 weeks – that ­takes will power, and actually, I failed!!! I had agave, a few bananas, a small glass of wine and that bit of raw chocolate mousse that accidentally slipped into my mouth. Rubbish! But all that does is prove to me even more just how much eating raw foods is a choice – not a chore (and anyway, I’m not even 100% raw so I’m not entirely sure what the point I’m making here is, but I feel there is one in there somewhere!).

It’s hard on a cleanse or detox to differentiate between a craving, a detox symptom or a cry from your body telling you it is in genuine need for something; but come on – if you’re thinking “I need Ben & Jerrys, I just feel my body needs it” then that’s probably not a reliable voice you should listen to. I knew when I wanted dark chocolate it wasn’t because I needed the phenylethylamine, it’s because I wanted sugar. Simple as. But when I felt I needed a banana, this did feel different. I felt I was lacking in something, and I felt a lot better after I reintroduced them. Ultimately, the most important thing when doing anything like this is don’t feel guilty if you think you’ve ‘slipped up’. Be kind to yourself, and put things in perspective. If you had a bit of dark chocolate when you said you were going to avoid sugar, should you feel like your world is ending? Yes. Yes you should you wicked child... 🙂 

Right enough of sugar and it’s evil ways – look what just came through my door!









Pass me a round table and call me King Arthur – it’s my Excalibur!!! Very excited about this – not only have I missed it dearly, but I can now get cracking with some delicious raw, dehydrated treats and get the recipes out to you, too! Brilliant. See you soon!


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