Day 3 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 3

What I ate today and drank today

  • 3 slices sprouted rye bread
  •  1 small avocado
  • 1 litre of water (not enough!)
  • 4 tbsp tahini (too much!)
  •  Rainbow chard, spinach, tomato and apple salad
  •  Handful of cacao nibs (much needed..)
  •  Plate of steamed vegetables
  •  Quite a lot of green tea



08:00 Ravenous! Again! Woke up in a much happier mood, though. Other than being aware of the bear growling in my stomach, I felt quite mellow and serene as I got out of bed this morning… Skin looked better again too, the puffiness has really gone down. 

09:00 Meditated. 30 mins. No drilling this morning either, shame….

10:00 Managed to hold out until 10am before I ate, not because I’m starving myself, but because I know the body is in strong detox mode in the mornings, so if you are wanting to cleanse it’s best to wait and give your body that extra break it needs to flush things from your system. Breakfast this morning was my new favourite – Avocado on Sprouted Rye Bread, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and cumin. FIT. 









This mornings breakfast was a lesson in mindful eating, though. As I tucked into the first bite, I received an email on my mobile. It was from an old friend and it was a really exciting email! I was engrossed whilst reading it, but continued to shovel food into my mouth. So when I finished reading the message I looked at my plate and thought “Hey! Who ate all my breakfast?!? Oh. That would be me. Damn.” 

11.30 Currently reading ‘A Thousand Days in Tuscany’ by Marlena de Blasi which is basically a form of self harm. I have no idea why I am continuing to read it now I’m back from Florence. It’s torture!!! Pain aside though, it is lovely to read, and there are actually talks of a few raw meals that De Blasi enjoys out there! One of them being a recipe with squash blossoms, she describes it as  – “Squash blossoms, raw (raw!) with a handful of arugula, two leaves of basil, a tomato still warm from the sun, and a drop of oil”.  Yum. Might go for that instead of the deep fried rice balls next time I’m in Italy…

12:00 I. Need. Coffee. God damn it! I only had one espresso out in Italy and it’s hooked it’s addictive claws into me like a big ferocious cat. Grrr. Ok. Be strong. Hmm, strong coffee…Shut up! Nope. I am not going to give in. Where’s the tahini? That always seems to help. (It didn’t, by the way…)

13:30 Lunch! Rainbow Chard, Spinach, Apple and Tomato Salad with tahini, lemon and olive oil. When I made this, I completely forgot that an hour and a half previously I’d already spooned 2 tbsp’s of tahini in my gob during my futile attempt at curbing my coffee cravings. I put a further 2 tbsp’s of tahini in the dressing for this salad. Which meant I’d eaten 4 tbsp’s of tahini, which if my calculations are correct, is about 7000 calories (if the back of the jar is anything to go by, anyway). I have now come to the conclusion I can no longer be trusted around a jar of tahini. 









15:30 Went to see the lovely lads at EkoUk in their new swanky office (it’s got a studio with a mixing desk and cinema and everything). On the way I stopped off at Infinity foods thinking to myself “I might just grab a nakd chocolate bar”, then remembered I was on a sugar cleanse. Hmm. I needed something, though. The cravings were pretty strong, so I grabbed these:











And I tell you what, they actually helped! If you are cutting out sugar, I highly recommend getting hold of some of these. They are very bitter and but they do help to stop you from wanting something sweet. They satisfy the need for coffee, too. Well, a little bit anyway…but every little helps in times like these! 

16:30 Went to the pub and sat in the beer garden with Lee and Guy from EkoUk. I had a sparkling mineral water whilst they supped pints. Was tough, but I survived…

19:00 Big plate of steamed veggies! Think this is going to be my last night on this. I have been really enjoying my steamed veg recently, but I am now starting to crave the freshness of raw again. Well, I might continue to steam some celeriac, I can’t get over how delicate and beautiful the flavour and texture is when you steam it. Why do we not eat celeriac more? It grows in this country, but I never had it growing up… did you? 

20:30 Oh dear God… The sugar cravings are kicking in big time. I thought it would get easier each day but this is definitely the worst it’s been. Argh! What am I going to do? The tahini. NO! Errmmm, cacao nibs? Already over done them a bit… More green tea? Yes. More green tea… Do you know what else I’m craving? WINE. Yup, el vino. I drank a lot of Chianti in Italy and I would LOVE a glass right now. Ahhhh… No can do though. Just gonna have to ride this craving out I think…It’ll be worth it in the end. 

Join me tomorrow for Day 4 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

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