Day 6 – My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

Day 6

What I ate and drank today

  • 3 slices of sprouted rye bread
  • 2 small avocados
  • 2 apples
  • small bowl of porridge
  • 2 litres water
  • Green tea
  • ‘Large’ bowl of vegan food from Vantra in Soho (which, if you’ve ever been to Vantra, you will know a ‘large’ bowl is actually the size of an upturned thimble)
  • Handful of salted peanuts *hangs head in shame*

09:30 Slept in. Dreamt about mashing Gorgonzola with Emmenthaler, mixing them both together with some finely grated Parmagiano along with some mascarpone, eggs, nutmeg and white pepper then using it to stuff a large, handsome pumpkin. Note to self – DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WHILST READING ‘A THOUSAND DAYS IN TUSCANY’. 

09:45 Up and out of bed, straight into my running gear and out the door. Couldn’t get my head into the right space to meditate this morning (I’m sure there’s some irony in there somewhere. Or maybe not…*correct use of irony paranoia*)

11:00 Yesssssssss. BREAKFAST. My slight obsession at the moment – avocado on sprouted rye bread with cumin, olive oil and salt. 

11:30 Notice my skins looking better again, thank God. Still not back to where it was pre-Italy, but it’s a lot happier:








12:00 I think I’m over my tahini addiction! I looked at the jar today and felt nothing. The fact that it was empty may have had something to do with it, but never the less, I felt strong. 

12:30 Make a pack up to go to London, which consists of an apple, an avocado and small portion of porridge with ginger, cacao nibs and cinnamon. What’s that?.. Will I eat the porridge cold? Come on, I was practically 100% raw over Christmas in HULL – you think I’m afraid of a bit of cold porridge? I don’t think so. 

14:30 On my way to the big smoke for my audition. Tucked into my avocado whilst sat on the train, a little travelling ritual of mine. 

17:00 Have a coffee craving. It’s the constant smell of it pumping out of the zillion coffee houses along Tottenham Court Road. Still can’t quite believe how, after having that one tiny espresso in Italy, my taste for the real stuff has come back… I won’t give in though. Giving up coffee was probably the best thing I ever did (Well, not the best thing, but it’s up there). I might miss the taste, but I don’t miss the energy crashes, the palpitations, the lack lustre skin and anxiety it used to induce in me… 

19:00 Got 3 hours to kill after my audition before my train leaves back to Brighton. Decided to go to Vantra, a vegan buffet restaurant on Soho street. I go for the ‘large’ bowl (which is actually a ‘small’ bowl) and cram it in with as much food as possible. All those years of going to the salad bar at pizza hut as a child paid off…. 









Just as I was finishing my meal, guess who should walk through the door but non other that Gavin Kaufman! Ha! I love it when random meetings like this happen! Was so good to see him, and a total coincidence that we were both there at the same time. Got to cram in a 20 minute speed talk catch up before I had to leave for my train. 

21:30 On way home, I have huge craving for something bad. I would murder for some dark chocolate right now. I find myself in co-op with that zoned out fog in my brain, the one where you start to shut out the sensible voice in your head so that you can buy whatever the hell you like. It could go either way though. It’s not taken over yet, but I really, really want some chocolate… In an attempt to stop myself reaching for the ‘70% Madagascan Dark Chocolate with Orange Oil’, I quickly grab some ‘Salted Peanuts’. I eat half a bag and feel a bit sick. That was definitely a mistake. I will attempt to grab a bag of greens instead, next time….

Join me tomorrow for Day 7 of My Sugar Free 2 Weeks!

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