Fresh Turmeric in Morrisons!!!

Stepping through the doors of Morrisons in Guiseley (near Leeds) was like stepping onto the set of a sci-fi film. Endless rows of fruit and vegetables as far as the eye could see! This wasn’t the alien part however (although sadly this is alien for a lot of supermarkets), the strange beam-me-up-Scotty-type part was the eerie mist that was encompassing all the fresh produce and herbs! With the opening theme tune from 2001 A Space Odyssey playing in my head, I walked over (in slow motion, obviously) and gazed in wonderment at the massive selection of raw food before me, all being sprayed with tiny droplets of water in order to keep them ‘fresh’. And then, I saw it: ladies and gentlemen, the TURMERIC has landed. So for all of you in the UK who were wondering where you can purchase this power house of a bright yellow root, here it is. BOOM. Five pots of Turmeric Tea coming right up!

Aside from the turmeric though, I really do think the new fruit and veg section they have provided in this particular store is fantastic, and a massive step in the right direction towards helping people make healthier food choices. The whole foods sections was all of a sudden the ‘cool’ place to be. Kids were exited by it. People were filling their baskets. Passers by who looked like they’d never so much as even sniffed a carrot were hovering over the globe artichokes with intrigued looks on their faces. Ok, so a lot of the produce was imported from the other side of the world, which of course isn’t great, but if that’s what it takes initially to get people away from the cheese strings and onto the aubergines, so be it. Hopefully, the more health conscious people become, the more conscious in general they will become and maybe that’s when people will go more for local produce, rather than apples that have flown all the way from South Africa. Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now – here are some photos of the new, all improved veg section at Morrisons, plus the meal I made with said veg. I bet you never knew vegetables could be so enthralling….

Avocado, on rye and sprinkled with dulse. Served with bananas, garam masala, sliced apple, marinated kale and a French lentil and root veg stew!

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  1. Be VERY careful about using turmeric if you are taking Plavix or any blood thinner. Turmeric also thins the blood which makes using the two together too risky for excessive bleeding, both internally and externally. Be sure to check with your doctor for the latest information on this.

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