Getting RaWcous! in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is AMAZING for raw foods. I recently went to visit a beautiful close friend from my childhood who I had not seen for 17 years! And we had the BEST time. I explained that I ate a high raw diet before I came, and so she did some research as to where we might be able to eat. She discovered so many health food shops that stocked an abundance of raw foods! And she took me to a beautiful organic outdoor market that had a raw food stall there. We bought two huge slabs of homemade raw chocolate pie and a delicious citrus tart. And we were given some free chocolate macaroons to enjoy with our wheat grass shots. (So kinda like space cakes and vodka shots, except you don’t get lost after you’ve consumed them and you actually leave Amsterdam with a clear head and healthy glow on your face!). Beautiful people, beautiful city and a hot spot for raw food and yoga. I love Amsterdam!

Wheat grass shots in the 'Dam'!



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