Yes, I know. I haven’t so much as brushed my key pad with a single “hello” in two months.

I have become a stranger to my own blog… *hangs head in shame*.

Why is this, you may ask? Was I eaten by Balinese dogs? Did I spend the whole two months eating pizza, fries and nasi goreng, throwing raw food caution to the wind? Did I get lost in the jungle whilst out hunting for mangos and cacao pods? Well, no. Not quite. I did go through some unexpected events though, which I won’t bore you with for fear of complaining, tisk tisk.  Ultimately, there was very little time to write, which I hadn’t foreseen would happen. I thought I would have oodles of time after a hard day in the kitchen to plink plonk away on my laptop whilst listening to the soundtrack of frogs and grasshoppers, singing away in the dark Bali nights…but erm, it wasn’t quite like that in the end. It was more like me, frazzled, covered in spirulina, grabbing my computer and sitting in the outdoor kitchen to find a decent wifi connection, and then proceeding to collapse in a big sweaty heap over the keys after having to deal with things back home on top of everything that needed to be done for the training. Whew. But! We did it! The training was a success. It was a crazy, bonkers, whirlwind of an experience and although yes, Get Rawcous did get left behind for a little while , I am grateful for the time I spent there and everything I learnt and all the people I met.

Now, if I said I never touched Get Rawcous when I was in Bali, that would be a lie, for in fact I did indeed write a blog post…ooo about 1 month ago, just after the training had finished. It’s just that for some unknown reason (probably because I’m CRAP) I never got round to posting it. But with the wonders of word press it was of course saved, so here it is…and I’ve stuck a little video with a slice of apple in* on the end too 🙂

*The following was written on 12th November, just after completion of the training..

This is a photograph of one of the raw chefs trainees final dinner presentations. It was raw Chinese dim sum, filled with the most beautifully, delicately flavoured walnut ‘meat’. The two dim sum wraps were made out of papaya, coconut meat and a little bit of physillium husk to bind. Nothing more. So simple, but absolutely delicious. It may not appeal to some, but the filling tasted so similar to chinese pork it was very hard to believe there was no meat in there at all. It was all in the detail to authentic Chinese flavours such as five spice, orange juice and star anise, as well as attention to texture. Texture is very important in raw food. It’s amazing how much pleasure from food comes from the feel of it in your mouth. That first bite

So, the Radiantly Alive Raw Chef Certification – October to November 2012 – is now completeThe students left Anahata yesterday morning, and this will be my last hour here before I continue onto the next part of my journey in Bali. The view from here really is breath taking. It’s amazing how little I have actually stopped to appreciate it this last month. Assisting full time in the kitchen, mentoring and being the in-house accountant was quite a challenge for me. If I’d have done a blog post a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t have felt anywhere near the calm and quiet as I do now. It would have gone something more like this “F*%$!!S*&@I!!?S!$!!”.  Now, having stuck it out and not left early as I very nearly did, I can sit back and be grateful for all the difficulties and frustrations. And anyway, what’s the use in going over how difficult things were, nobody like a moaner! Really, it’s all been magic, and I am very lucky to have had this experience. I have learnt so much, not only about raw food, but  also about those big life lessons the world keeps throwing at you until you stop, take note and try to make a difference to improve and change…hopefully for the best. I have met and worked alongside some of the most incredible awe inspiring people, and amidst all the craziness I have laughed so much I nearly cried (or maybe I was just crying.. was hard to tell the difference at times! Yikes.). But here is what I really care about, and the reason I came all the way back here in the first place; the food.  I am not kidding, in only a year, the level and standard of meals prepared has just gone through the roof. You would not believe some of the meals we produced during the training, all made for 60 people…breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So! If they say seeing is believing, then feast your eyes on this – it’s a short, scrumptious and sexy (ooo!) video I made.

Prepare to be amazed at the wonder and magnificence that is raw, living food…..!!!

For video – CLICK HERE!


* Here I have oh so wittily used a quote from Paul Calf’s Three Fights, Two Weddings and a Funeral. For those of you who have never witness this genius comical spectre – get on You Tube and watch it NOW. It will change your life and make you a much funnier person. Fact.

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