Raw On The Road

I made it! (Just). I am sat in the pub across from where I live using it for it’s free internet access (well, my pineapple juice cost £1.20, so not completely free). It’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Feeling quite inspired actually! Must be the scent of beer battered cod that keeps wafting under my nose…

Anyway, mustn’t grumble.

As you know, I have been travelling around all over the proverbial shop recently. I say recently, it’s been for the last 4 months now… If I had a bag of cacao butter for every time I’d been sat on a train recently, I’d be able to melt it all down and fill a swimming pool. So I thought I might share with you the kind of raw things I eat when I’m on the go. I always, always make sure I take something with me. There is nothing more depressing than being starving and having to pay about £5.00 for 1 banana and an apple at Kings Cross Station because you’re that desperate. Train stations don’t really cater for a raw food diet, obviously, but some of them do have a Marks and Spencer! If I have left the house and not brought enough, this is what I would typically buy at Marks and Spencer to keep me going…










Yes, you are correct. That is a box of cherry tomatoes, an avocado and a jar of tahini. (I brought the tahini with me, slight addicted to it at the moment and am spooning it on pretty much everything). Ok, now this looks very boring, I know, but I really enjoy eating simply like this sometimes. Those tomatoes were so fresh and juicy! And just look at the beautiful green flesh of the avocado…










Don’t you just wanna sink your teeth into it?? I’m not joking, this is probably my favourite way to eat avocado. You may get green hands, but if you rub it in your skin it makes and amazing moisturiser and the green disappears! Magic.

Now if I’m prepared I might pack some onion flax bread with me which looks like so:










Mmm, a tasty little morsel. Dehydrated crackers and snacks are alway great to have on you when you’re travelling, as they keep you satisfied and don’t go off quickly. So if they’re in an air tight container, you can have them with you for a couple of weeks (although I’ve normally scoffed mine by the time I get to Doncaster from Leeds).








Ooo, now whats this? This looks a bit better than a box of cherry tomatoes doesn’t it eh? I made this specifically to fill me up. It’s a Raw Cinnamon and Raisin Roll, made in cashew and coconut pastry and done in the dehydrator. It’s a bit fancy, I know and probably one of those things that if you are new to raw makes you go “well as if I’m ever gonna make that!”. But anything’s possible you know. Plus it would be a poor do if I never got creative in the kitchen wouldn’t it? And I didn’t go all the way to Bali to get my Raw Chef Apprenticeship Certification for nothing you know! And actually, it was very easy to make. Once you’re in a routine with your dehydrator if you’ve got one, rustling up things like this becomes incredibly simple. I’ll give you the recipe soon, if you like?




















Now if you are lucky like me and having amazing, thoughtful and kind friends, one of them may be so understanding of your raw ways that they make you a pack up salad for your journey. This sumptuous samphire salad was made for me by my friend Alice, and I have to say it hands down beat any packed lunch I’ve ever made for myself! I mean, come on – samphire?! How luxurious can you get! What a treat. Being raw on the road is very easy when you’ve got food like this in your bag. Thank you Alice!

I shall be on the road again tomorrow (or should I say in the sky?) as I am flying to Italy for the weekend! How fancy!!! I will be having 3 full days of unadulterated pleasure in the beautiful city of Florence and it’s surrounding countryside. Will I stay raw? I very much doubt it….xxx




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