Two Weeks on Raw!

I’d like to introduce you to two very good friends of mine, Jack and Sally. They are awesome. Jack is a comic legend, and Sally is one of the most uniquely wise and interesting people I know. The reason I am telling you about them is because as of monday, they will be eating nothing but raw foods for two whole weeks!¬†After expressing a desire to have a bit of a detox, they said they were up for “giving this raw food thing a try”. This is all very new to them, but they are both willing to give it a go and see where it leads them. Neither of them are aiming to be totally raw, they are just wanting to expand their knowledge on healthy eating and boost their intake of nutrient dense foods.

It can seem very hard to get started when you’re wanting to eat healthier. But when you are wanting to give raw foods a go that can be almost terrifying! So as of Monday 20th February, I will be their personal raw food chef for the two whole weeks. During those two weeks I will be preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for them – and all of it will be raw. On top of that we will be having juices, shakes, smoothies and a constant supply of raw chocolate! Can’t be bad, eh? They will be learning how to make most of the meals, so that when I leave they feel fully equipped to start leading a healthier life style on their own. Jack is a very good cook (his nut roast with whole almonds and raisins is amazing!) so he is very keen to be hands on in the kitchen. You never know, we might have a new raw food chef in the making here! In fact, at the end of the two weeks Jack and Sally will test their new found knowledge of raw living cuisine and create a three course meal for the last supper! Watch the blog for the photo’s – I already can’t wait!

I have so much admiration for anyone who decides to take control of their health, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to help two people dear to me do just that. So I invite you to follow Jack, Sally and myself as we embark on this raw food extravaganza together. And you never know, they may hate every single minute of it and go running to the nearest pizza hut as soon as it’s finished. But I have a sneaky suspicion it will be a different story… Watch this space!

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