Two Weeks on Raw – Day Eight

There was tension in the air between Jack and myself this morning. I wanted to go to the gym. He didn’t. I don’t have a car. He does. I could have gone for a run outside, but I’ve got a seven day pass and I want to use my freebie up before it runs out. Plus I thought it would be a good idea for him to go, too. So he went, reluctantly. The thing is, we’re at a really tricky stage at the moment. Jack is understandably quite up and down with his moods, and all it takes is one slight push too far from me and then it’s grumble, grumble, grumble for the next half hour. We got into a very small debate in the car home on the way from the gym, about how much you should exercise and when. The conversation wasn’t really going anywhere, but I think we both just needed to vent ever so slightly. When Jack left for work, I did start to feel guilty though. After all, I said I wouldn’t make him do anything he really didn’t want to do, and he really didn’t want to go to the gym this morning. He only went for me, which was very kind of him. So I sent him a text saying “Thanks for going to the gym with me this morning. I do appreciate it x” . He then sent one back saying “No worries, don’t mean to be grumpy…I just hate everything. Quote that ya b*****d! On the flip side though I’ve lost over half a stone this week…Not bad eh?!” Not bad? That’s amazing! And I know he doesn’t really hate everything. Each time I serve him a meal, he always thoroughly enjoys it and is very appreciative. There may be the odd “Ooo, this’d be great in a big white bap…” but other than that he doesn’t complain. In fact when he came home from work tonight, he was in such a great mood and was cracking out jokes like there was no tomorrow.

As much as it’s difficult at times, there is no getting away from the fact that Sally and Jack are starting to look really healthy. Jacks skin is glowing and Sally’s eyes have got so bright and sparkly. Seeing this makes it all worth while for me; because there is visual evidence already of the positive changes raw food is having upon their bodies. The only trouble we are facing now is the thing I was most concerned about when embarking on this – that they will both want to go crazy and eat 5 curries, neck 7 pints and polish of an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s in the space of one hour as soon as the two weeks are up. Sally say’s she has no desire to do this; she just want an egg. But Jack said he has been having slight niggling worries that something similar to this may happen. So we decided it was essential that at the end of the two weeks, we have a couple of days of intergrating healthy cooked foods back into their diet. Jack says that no matter what happens, he will definitely keep up with the daily juices and smoothies with spirulina; the new love of his life. He also wants to cut back on his meat consumption, and have more vegetarian meals during the week. Sally isn’t craving meat at all, and say’s she will happily eat a high percentage of veggie meals when this is over. So if these are the only changes they make and stick with, then I personally will be very happy. The simple act of cutting back on meat and having regular nutrient dense fresh juice with blue-green algae will still be massively beneficial for them both.

But anyway – it’s not all over yet!!! Our raw dinner was scrumptious tonight, even if I do say so myself. We had Portobello Mushroom Steak, served with Broccoli and Pistachio Mash with Mushroom Gravy. Desert was Peppermint Chia Chocolate and Chocolate Coated Brazil Nuts. Only one more week of torture to go then….


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