Two Weeks on Raw – Day One

I think the fact that Jack has spent most of the day singing this – ‘ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ (*contains strong language) says a lot about how today went! Jack had fruity chia porridge for breakfast and Sally had an almond milk smoothie with strawberries and kiwi’s. Jack said the coldness of the chia was a shock to his taste buds, but I got a text from him at 11.30am saying “I feel great…bit erratic, but it’s a pleasant sensation” – so I guess something went right! Sally, who has a banana phobia text me from work saying “was there banana in that smoothie?…”, to which I replied “No!”. She then sent one back saying “Good, as it was tasty…”. Phew. Lunch was a big salad for them both which got two thumbs up. Jack said he already feels a bit clearer in his mind, he feels like he is being more articulate to people on the phone at work. He didn’t feel so great on his way back from his  dentist appointment though – I got this through on my phone “I’m 46 minutes away, but I can’t eat for 2hrs. Your sincerely, numb dribbling farter’.

Sally got home in good spirits but said she’d had a head ache for most of the day. Other than that, she had no problems and she thoroughly enjoyed the food (as did her dog Jess, who we found with her head in a tupperwear finishing off Sally’s left over salad)

Mexican was on the menu tonight and Jack really wanted to help out in the kitchen. But just as we were about to get stuck in to making the ‘Better than beef’ chilli, there was a knock at the door. It was Sally and Jack’s friend who shall go by the name of ‘The Sausage and Chips man’- because that’s what he brought round. Wonderful! Apparently he’d got the go ahead from Sally before he came, so I couldn’t really mind… But come on, not the best smells to be wafted round the house right now! ‘The Sausage and Chips Man’ was lovely though and it was good having him here as he is the complete antithesis of everything to do with raw food. ‘The Sausage and Chips Man’ refuses to eat anything green. Ever. At first I was a little bit concerned that by having someone this far removed from what we are doing may make things difficult for Jack and Sally. But if it’s possible for them to eat these foods when carrying on as normal, then there is more chance of them sticking to eating healthily when I’m gone. And they did carry on as normal… Jack couldn’t get over how good dinner was (as you can probably tell from the photo). We had Better Than Beef, Cashew Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa and big romaine lettuce leaves to wrap it all up in. They found it strangely filling, too. So filling in fact, that their dessert which was Chocolate and Hazelnut Pie remains untouched in the fridge! After dinner, I came upstairs to work on my blog when Jack called up (in a fake Yorkshire accent which he gets a lot of pleasure out of doing) saying “I feel really alert Elaine!!” And to say this after dinner at 9 o’clock at night is pretty good going I’d say! I just hope he wakes up with the same amount of enthused energy when we set off for the gym at 6.45 am tomorrow…

(ps – raw recipe coming with tomorrows post!)

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