Two Weeks on Raw – Day Ten

I got back from a run just before lunch today to find Jack sprawled out on the sofa looking annoyed, bored and sad all at the same time. Oh dear. When I asked him what the matter was, he just said he was knackered and of course it had to be the raw foods fault. I asked him if he enjoyed the banana, goji berry and macadamia milk smoothie that I made him for his breakfast, and he just grumbled again. I took that as a ‘no’… I then started to become genuinely concerned that the food I was giving him might really be the cause of his problems; and if it was, then we needed to re-evaluate the situation. I’m aware that he is detoxing, and that means emotionally too, but I just felt something wasn’t quite right. It’s not as if I’ve been starving him, far from it. So I asked him for more details as to how he was feeling, to see if there was anything I could do. He said he was just felt very low in energy…

Jack – “…but, well…it might have something to do with the fact that I didn’t get to sleep until one o’clock in the morning..”.

Me- “Riiight. So you had a late night. Have you drunk any water today?”

 Jack – “Erm… No. Not had any water at all”.

Me- “At all?”

Jack – “No. Oh and I lifted a load of heavy machinery at work before I had my smoothie”

Me – “Riiiight.”

So maybe this was a bit more than the raw foods making him tired then. In fact it was definitely more than raw foods making him tired! I mean for flippin’ hecks sake! Had I have known that Jack was doing physical labour today, I might have given him something a bit more substantial than a banana and goji berry smoothie! But most day’s he is sat at his desk in front of a computer, and a big smoothie packed full of goodness would normally have sufficed. And he’d not drunk any water, even after lifting heavy machinery. It’d be weird if he didn’t feel tired after that! So I made him a large fresh juice made with pear, lime, celery, apple and carrot, and a big lunch made of yesterday’s left overs. He soon perked up. He then went to work and made sure he drank plenty of water, and he started to feel much better. In fact he came home from work a different person. He said he has found it easy to just point the finger to the raw foods for any negative state he may be in. But he knows now that it was more likely the late night and no water that was making him feel so rough. He felt great though this evening and said “I feel very centred tonight. I feel happy”.

We did have a lovely evening. Jack helped out in the kitchen tonight and made the Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho again, and he also made the salad to go with the Fish(ish) Cakes. My best friend Beob came over for dinner too, and we all felt great after eating. Sally said “Well, I tell you what – that does it for me. Those fish cake things were delicious”. We all said that we felt better after eating than we did before. That’s what’s bizarre and amazing about raw foods – you often put your knife and fork down after finishing your meal and feel more energised than you did before you came to sit down at the table. How good is that?! We talked for ages after dinner and there was just a very lovely, happy vibe. It was ace. Jack say’s he’s up for the gym tomorrow morning, too…. excellent. 


Check in tomorrow to see if things just keep getting better, and drop by for a new raw recipe, too!!!

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