Two Weeks on Raw – Day Six


Sally – I could fancy an egg.

Jack – Me too. With some anchovies.

Sally – And cheese. A cheese and fried egg sandwich.

Jack – On white bread or brown?

Sally – I don’t mind really

Jack – I haven’t eaten meat for 10 days…

Sally- Or a yoghurt. I’d quite like a yoghurt. 

Jack – Chicken satay…that’d be nice.

Sally – I just want any dairy. Cheese, cream, yoghurt…

Jack – Crisps. Do you fancy crisps?

Sally – Ooh no… I just want dairy in my face.

Jack – Well I could do crisps. 


So, looks like all those cravings I warned them about have started to kick in! Fantasising about their favourite foods has been a hot topic today. It was going to happen sooner or later. I am surprised they haven’t started talking like this earlier really. But it is nearly the end of the first week and I  also think the fact that it a Saturday makes it even harder for them. Under normal circumstances they would have probably got a takeaway in, like most people in the country. So the prospect of being served a raw meal tonight wasn’t really appealing to them. Jack was asking for avocados and olives, something oily, salty and of substance. I decided to make them a really big saturday night salad, one that was packed full of flavour and different textures.  Sally mentioned that she would’ve ordered pizza tonight if she wasn’t doing this, so I made sure the salad had loads of yummy toppings on, including her favourite – capers. She could sit and eat a whole jar (I could, too…).

As soon as I they started tucking into the salad, they felt loads better and stopped talking about cheese and crisps. Thank God. As well as the big mound of salad, they had a side portion of onion bread too. This is where the dehydrator comes in handy if you are new to raw foods. It make life a lot easier if you are able to eat things that are dense and have a similar taste and texture to cooked food. It definitely helps with the cravings. However, as much as they loved the salad, Sally said afterwards “That was amazing. But I could really eat a trifle now”. Ok so I couldn’t give her that, but I went straight into the kitchen and brought them out this – 2 mugs of fresh lemon and ginger tea, some raw chocolate hearts and a plate of juicy orange slices. And I have to say, it was just what the doctor ordered. Sally said “Oh, that was lovely. I just think I needed a treat. That has really sorted my cravings out. Mmm, yum”.

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